Haberlerde Role

Örnek kollokasyonlar

important role Önemli rol
lead role Başrol
major role Büyük rol
played the role Rol oynadı
title role Başlık rolü

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

Seeking Alpha
· Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Savers  
We've developed deep fissures, alongside Republican and Democratic leadership, not only indifferent to adopting helpful leadership roles, but seemingly ill equipped to lead in the first place.
The New York Times
· They Fled Asia as Refugees. Now They Are Caught in the Middle of Minneapolis.  
Inspector Lee said his father had fought alongside Americans, a role he was proud of, so the career choice of police officer seemed natural.
· Biden vows to address institutional racism if elected  
Though all fourteen leaders expressed support for Biden, they did not hold back on criticizing his role in passing the 1994 crime bill and in the Obama administration for not charting the path for the community to reach economic prosperity.
The Guardian
· Risk of infection could double if 2-metre rule reduced, study finds  
Nevertheless, masks do have a role when used by people who are already infected.
The Wall Street Journal
· CEOs and Big Businesses Speak out on Racism, Police Violence  
Mr. Frazier also emphasized the role of unemployment in exacerbating the current unrest.
The Independent
· Killer Mike and T.I. sold out in Atlanta. Let's talk about why they did it  
Their role as agents of the oppressive class is to undermine, belittle, and complicate whatever steps working class and otherwise marginalized Black people take to build power in and across our communities.”
The Age
· 'Silence is not an option' for Corporate America during riots  
Yet at the same time, corporate statements supporting the protests are likely to face heightened scrutiny because of the more visible nature of race and the role that big businesses can play in economic inequalities, an issue being spotlighted by the protests.
The Age
· 'I was too light and too black': The teenager behind one of Perth's largest protests  
Ms Bennell, who has been on the junior council for Kwinana and is involved in youth advisory groups and committees to ignite change, said she had a role to play in both white and black communities as a representative for progress.
Japan Today
· Israel's Gantz tells army to prepare for annexing West Bank  
This group of countries are expected to play a key role in any potential Trump peace initiative in the region.
The New York Times
· Trump, Protesters, Autopsy: Your Monday Evening Briefing  
But there are major gaps in our knowledge, too: why some people get sicker than others, the role of children, even something as basic as how many people have been infected.