“Ruin” in the news

Example collocations

fell into ruin
financial ruin

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· The Proms to go ahead this summer, but 'not as we know them'  
Orchestras are hanging on thanks to the government’s furlough scheme but many are close to ruin.
The Guardian
· 'The hardest time in my life': how service providers shoulder the burden of free childcare  
Case has been driven to the point of near financial ruin.
The Verge
· Uber is scrapping tens of thousands of Jump bikes during a nationwide bike shortage  
Heavy as they are, these could be transportation for the many who have been brought to financial ruin during COVID-19.” The US is facing “a severe bike shortage” due to the disruption to the global supply chain caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The New York Times recently reported.
Seeking Alpha
· IBM: $80 Per Share Is More Reasonable  
While this new Red Hat segment of IBM is seeing strong growth, I doubt IBM won’t find a way to ruin this long-loved Linux distribution.
The New York Times
· DeVos Plans to Force Public Schools Share Aid With Private Ones  
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she will force public school superintendents to share coronavirus rescue funds with private schools, some of which are facing ruin.
The New York Times
· 12 Underknown Songs From the Region That Birthed Emo  
Punks like Ian MacKaye, formerly of the foundational hardcore band Minor Threat, needed to solve a problem: how to get violent skinheads to stop ruining shows.
Malay Mail
· ‘Mothership’ office on horizon but don't write off London, says Canary Wharf boss  
The modern Canary Wharf was built in the 1980s and 1990s in East London, on the ruins of what was once the world’s largest port which processed the imports of an empire including bananas from the Canary Islands.
The Guardian
· Spanish dig closes in on burial site of Irish lord Red Hugh O'Donnell  
Somewhere beneath a street in north-west Spain – probably between a bank branch and a budget clothes shop – lies the ruined chapel where an eight-toed, rebel Irish lord was buried following his final, fatal mission 418 years ago.
The Independent
· Every episode of Friends, ranked from worst to best  
Look, the storyline in which Joey agrees to help Mr Treeger practice his ballroom dancing is, in part, rather cute – but it’s ruined by the mockery he faces for it.
The Age
· Target and superquiz, Thursday, May 28  
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