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fell into ruin Рухнул
financial ruin Финансовый крах

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Washington Post
· Trump’s anti-China strategy at home will hurt U.S. companies around the world  
Molly Roberts: Gen Z’s strategy to ruin Trump’s rally looks a little too familiar
Sports Illustrated
· Know Your Enemy: Milwaukee Brewers  
But most remember Braun, mostly due to the fact that he got someone fired and their reputation ruined.
· TikTok’s Fashion Stars Say They Are Not Worried About Donald Trump's Ban Threat  
“Isn’t it just so funny that the kids on TikTok ruined that rally for Trump and then a week later the Trump administration talks about banning the app due to ‘privacy concerns,’” he tells Vogue.
· Spain's 'democracy king' Juan Carlos flees under weight of scandal  
Juan Carlos I led Spain to democracy and foiled a military coup, but he heads into exile under a cloud of royal corruption that has ruined his legacy.
· Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe's next victim 'exposed' as he turns 'killer'  
He snarled: “Well, you should be because I’m not just going to stand by and let you ruin things for me here.”
· The Deceived true story: Is the series based on real life? Star opens up on 'gaslighting'  
She is convinced Roisin is still alive, and she is haunted by the fact she ruined Roisin's relationship with Michael.
· Snapchat groups: How to make a group on Snapchat  
Those who want to leave a group chat you can do so without ruining everyone else’s fun.
Washington Post
· Trump promises to ‘Respect our Military!’ His hypocrisy is sickening.  
Last month, he retired prematurely, his 21-year career in ruins.
The Guardian
· Parts unknown: whole animal recipes from Feather and Bone  
It was a tough gig, as butchers don’t like their meat ruined, so timing was everything.
· Meghan Markle’s former best friend claimed ‘cold royal strategically shut down marriage’  
Ms Exeter claimed Ms Mulroney had sent her a string of abusive messages and threatened to ruin her career after taking offence over one of her posts, in which she had called on people with large social media followings to speak out about Black Lives Matter.