“Rule” in the news

Example collocations

colonial rule
during the rule
general rule
goals rule
rule of law

Publications and example sentences

· How China blocked WHO and Chinese scientists early in coronavirus outbreak  
“Our leadership and staff have worked night and day in compliance with the organization’s rules and regulations to support and share information with all Member States equally, and engage in frank and forthright conversations with governments at all levels,” a WHO statement said.
Seeking Alpha
· Buy Sprott Inc. For A Quick Double  
Sprott Global Resource Investments is a hedge fund like partnership with commodity trading legend Rick Rule.
The Guardian
· 'Quarantine our sad, sick game': how Heysel tragedy changed English football  
Two weeks before Heysel they won the Cup-Winners’ Cup in a peaceful final against Rapid Vienna in Rotterdam, prompting Brian Clough to wonder: “On that performance, how long is this team going to rule Europe?” They would never have the chance.
The New York Times
· Trump’s Response to Protests Draws Bipartisan Rebuke in Congress  
“I know this playbook,” Ms. Spanberger said, citing her national security background, “and I know the president’s actions are betraying the very foundation of the rule of law he purports to support — the U.S. Constitution.”
Al Jazeera
· Correa's trial is an attack on Ecuador's democracy  
All this has meant that Correa, whose 10-year rule was crowned by a sharp reduction of poverty and inequality, and sustained economic growth, once again looms large on the political horizon.
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: White supremacists pose as Antifa online and instigate violence  
“We took action after the account sent a Tweet inciting violence and broke the Twitter Rules.”
Seeking Alpha
· For Gaming Companies, More Hong Kong Political Turmoil  
Also, in 2018, political opposition intensified when Beijing masters moved to reduce Hong Kong's freedom that traced back to former years of British rule.
The Independent
· Quarantine: Matt Hancock refuses to be drawn on ‘air bridge’ plans to avoid 14 days of isolation  
The Home Office plans have been widely criticised for a blanket approach to quarantine, rather than targeting flights from individual countries, and for a wide range of loopholes that allow travellers to swerve the rules.
BBC Sport
· George Floyd: Scottish sports stars join 'Blackout Tuesday'  
A number of protests are reportedly planned in Scotland amid escalating anger over the death of Floyd, but people have been urged to do so whilst abiding by the coronavirus lockdown rules.
The Guardian
· Australian government YouTube videos promoting logging should be taken down, Greens say  
Last week, the federal court ruled that logging by VicForests in Victoria’s central highlands had breached state and federal environmental laws, including laws meant to protect threatened species.