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Washington Post
· Zindziswa Mandela, daughter of Nelson Mandela, dies at 59  
She was 3 when her father, who led the underground military arm of the ANC, was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy and sentenced to Robben Island prison.
· With one twist, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars became a lot more compelling and a lot like Survivor  
That noted terrible actor Ferrah sounded so sincere when revealing Mateo’s sabotage is almost enough to convince everyone she was telling Shea the truth.
Technology Org
· It is Challenging to Find Support for Evolutionary Trade-offs Between Reproduction and Aging in Human Data  
That the effect is similar in men and women somewhat sabotages any thoughts of a biological or physiological cost to childbirth as a dominant mechanism, for example.
The Guardian
· I'm from Florida. Our coronavirus crisis doesn't surprise me  
The state government’s handling of the pandemic has proved shockingly inadequate, largely because the previous Republican administration sabotaged its institutional capacities.
Seeking Alpha
· Turn Around Tuesday Began Yesterday  
Lastly, the US acknowledged what we suspected: it is not going to try to sabotage the Hong Kong Dollar's peg to the US dollar.
· Kate Garraway opens up on fears for children Darcey and Billy's future 'I've got concerns'  
[REVEALED]Emmerdale fans 'identify' enemy sabotaging Leyla Harding's business [SHOCK]Sally Nugent 'leaves' BBC Breakfast for Strictly Come Dancing 2020?
· Emmerdale fans 'identify' who's behind Leyla Harding's business sabotage  
The wedding planner found her office trashed last week and it seems that was just the start of the sabotage.
The New York Times
· Zindzi Mandela, Activist in South Africa and Ambassador, Dies at 59  
Born on Dec. 23, 1960, in the Soweto township of Johannesburg, Ms. Mandela was 18 months old when her father was arrested and convicted of sabotage and treason.
Liverpool Echo
· ITV Emmerdale fans think they've uncovered culprit behind business sabotage  
Viewers think the sabotage could be down to a returning character
Hong Kong Free Press
· University of Hong Kong pro-democracy message board destroyed – report  
“The Lennon Walls were created by students of the University of Hong Kong [over] months, yet were sabotaged in minutes.