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· Zoom wants to “work together” with the FBI. That may not be as bad as it sounds.  
Zoom’s addition of a “report abuse” option in the app was a response to widespread criticism that the platform offered no way to report Zoombombers who sabotaged calls.
The Guardian
· HMRC says Premiership ineligible for furlough when contact drills resume  
Meanwhile, Sam Burgess has finally lifted the lid on his tumultuous time in rugby union, labelling Mike Ford “a snake” who attempted to “sabotage” Stuart Lancaster during the 2015 World Cup.
The Guardian
· Fears Latin America reopening too fast as Brazil’s Covid-19 deaths surge  
Flávio Dino, the governor of Brazil’s Maranhão​ state, said he blamed Bolsonaro – who has repeatedly undermined physical distancing and dismissed Covid-19 as a “little flu” – for “sabotaging” the country’s fight against coronavirus and eroding quarantine measures.
The Age
· NRL turns up code war heat with attempt to sabotage AFL broadcast deal  
Not satisfied with just beating the AFL to the punch in resuming its season, ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys attempted to ram home the NRL's dominance by sabotaging the rival code's broadcast rights deal.
The New York Times
· Rod Rosenstein, Key Figure in Russia Investigation, Is to Testify Today  
Mr. Trump, who is portraying the effort to understand the scope of Moscow’s covert manipulations and the nature of his campaign’s links to Russia as a partisan conspiracy to sabotage him, sees rewriting the narrative of the Russia investigation as a key to his re-election campaign.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Now Beijing has broken its word on Hong Kong, how can it be trusted on other int’l commitments?  
Despite claims by the Hong Kong Government that international investors have nothing to fear from new national security laws, their imposition will eliminate any pretence of the rule of law and sabotage the city’s viability as an international financial center.
Malay Mail
· Singaporean found guilty of sexually abusing young stepdaughter with sex toy in 2012  
Several months after going to the authorities, the girl began seeing a psychiatrist because she had begun to harm herself and blame herself for sabotaging her mother’s marriage to the man by reporting the matter.
The Independent
· Earth accelerating towards sixth mass extinction event that could see ‘disintegration of civilisation’, scientists warn  
“We are facing our final opportunity to ensure that the many services nature provides us do not get irretrievably sabotaged.”
The Wall Street Journal
· Ericsson Emerges as 5G Leader After U.S. Bruises Huawei  
Washington is lobbying foreign countries to ban Huawei, saying Beijing could direct the company to spy on or sabotage communications.
The Rio Times
· “The Man on Horseback”: a Post-Pandemic Prophecy? (Opinion)  
RIBEIRÃO PRETO, BRAZIL – (Opinion) On Sunday, May 31st, saw Brazil’s President Bolsonaro engage in his weekly attempt to sabotage science, first by overcoptering a gathering in front of the Planalto Palace, and, after deplaning, shaking hands and chatting (maskless, of course) with his constant claque of sycophants.