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The New York Times
· What Is Your Reaction to the Days of Protests That Have Followed the Death of George Floyd?  
The authors write, “The escalating violence and destruction felt like a warning that this moment could be spinning out of control both because of the limitations of a largely spontaneous, leaderless movement and because, protesters and officials warned, there were indications it was also being undermined by agitators trying to sabotage it.” Do you agree?  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Mexican president says most domestic violence calls are 'fake' despite lockdown rise in femicide  
“The same thing happens with the calls the metro gets about sabotage or bombs.”  Copy example sentence
· Netflix comedy 'Space Force' shows real military branch's struggle to be taken seriously  
And an episode featuring a trained chimpanzee forced to make a spacewalk to fix a satellite sabotaged by the Chinese makes a monkey out of what the real Space Force is trying to accomplish.  Copy example sentence