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BBC Sport
· Rangers' opponents Bayer Leverkusen seek to salvage season in Europa League  
However, they have serious designs on salvaging their season by winning the Europa League and thus making it into Uefa's top competition.
The Guardian
· UK staycation boom lifts sales of camping gear  
“Thousands of families are looking at how they can salvage summer fun without breaking the bank” she commented.
The Guardian
· Puddles, soggy tents and gas leaks: the joys of Covid-safe camping  
We got in and salvaged what we could, mopped up and had to sleep in a damp tent.
· Selling Sunset's Mary opens up on 'hopes' for Christine friendship: 'She can grow up!'  
And speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk, Mary has revealed how the two stand now and if there is room to salvage their - what used to be - strong bond.
The New York Times
· As Smoke Clears in Beirut, Shock Turns to Anger  
But as residents waded through the warlike destruction on Wednesday to salvage what they could from their homes and businesses, many saw the explosion as the culmination of years of mismanagement and neglect by the country’s politicians.
Washington Post
· Shock turns to anger as Beirut assesses damage inflicted by massive explosion  
There was no talk of rebuilding, only of salvaging what could be saved, said Ayman Zayour, one of the bartenders loading whiskey into the van.
Washington Post
· As NHL restarts, injuries force familiar questions of depth  
Capitals open round-robin play by salvaging a point in shootout loss to Lightning
The New York Times
· German Banks Push Back as American Investors Seek More Influence  
The nomination of Mr. Vetter, who has spent his career at publicly owned banks, is a setback for Cerberus as it tries to salvage some of the big investment it made in German banks in 2017.
· Cruise industry's hopes for August relaunch taking on water  
With the spread of the coronavirus in Europe slowing in recent months many had expected that the height of the Mediterranean cruise season could be salvaged.
The Daily Star
· Lighter vessel capsizes at Bay, one missing  
The vessel turned upside down and floated towards the coast of Thengarchar later, said the BIWTA DD, adding that they sent a letter to the vessel's owning firm Takwa Shipping Lines to salvage the vessel.