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cable and satellite Kablo ve uydu
satellite campus Uydu kampüsü
satellite imagery Uydu görüntüleri
satellite television Uydu televizyon
via satellite Uydu üzerinden

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Seeking Alpha
· Northrop Grumman Corporation (NOC) CEO Kathy Warden Presents at Bernstein's Virtual Strategic Decisions Conference (Transcript)  
Is there a way for us to think about how you are playing this area with respect to satellites in launch?
Seeking Alpha
· United Airlines Holdings, Inc. (UAL) CEO Scott Kirby Presents at Bernstein 36th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference (Transcript)  
I'm sure there's other places on our website you can see it, but the satellite pictures are no pollution in places.
The Guardian
· Virgin Orbit looks into cause of LauncherOne test failure  
The California-based company aims to place small satellites into space using LauncherOne, which is carried under the wing of a converted 747 jumbo-jet aircraft.
· French film on Algeria sparks diplomatic spat, angers protesters  
In early April, the French ambassador to Algeria, Xavier Driencourt, was summoned to the foreign ministry after statements on the France 24 satellite news channel about Chinese medical aid.
· China and India are in a dangerous standoff over a hotly contested border  
Satellite images released the following year by the independent intelligence firm Stratfor showed that both sides had continued to build up forces near Dolkam, such as India placing attack helicopters at an airfield and China deploying a fighter jet and missile system to their air bases.
The Guardian
· Climate crisis making world’s forests shorter and younger, study finds  
The research, published in the journal Science and including analysis of satellite data on land-use change, estimated that human felling of trees had cut total forest area by 12% since 1900.
Technology Org
· This New 5G Switch is Over 50 Times more Energy Efficient than its Predecessors  
According to the researchers, their switches could find many applications beyond smartphones, such as satellite systems, smart radios, reconfigurable communications, the Internet of Things, and military systems based on flexible electronics.
· US firms shield CEO pay as pandemic hits workers, investors  
Among them are ridesharing giant Uber Technologies Inc , hotel operator Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc , carrier Delta Air Lines Inc , satellite radio company Sirius XM Holdings Inc and Thomson Reuters Corp , the parent company of Reuters News.
Seeking Alpha
· How I Find The Right Start-Up To Invest In  
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions (OTCQX:FLYLF) monitors airplane mechanics and location as well as weather data through satellite communication.
The Guardian
· Government target of 200,000 Covid-19 tests 'meaningless'  
Concerns included the failure, for the past five days, to release data on how many people have been tested, the reported double-counting of multiple swabs (nose and saliva) from the same individuals, and the inclusion of tests that have been mailed out to homes and satellite labs, but not returned, in the daily tally.