“Scenario” in the news

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Lockheed Martin: Unlike Boeing, Their Dividend Can Outlast A Downturn  
Since their leverage would still remain reasonably low in this scenario, it indicates that they would be able to sustain their dividend throughout this theoretical moderately severe downturn.
· One German church service resulted in dozens of coronavirus infections  
A crowded indoor place, then, with poor ventilation, filled with people talking, shouting, or singing for hours on end will be the riskiest scenario.
Seeking Alpha
· Central Bank Week In Review For 5/18-5/22  
The Fed has warned that its adverse economic scenario - where the country goes through a second lockdown in the winter - is just as likely to happen.
BBC Sport
· Scottish football: How might it look when it finally returns?  
That's a scenario Jim McInally, manager of League One Peterhead, says is preferable to playing with no fans.
Financial Express
· How SaaS is becoming a necessity for business continuity today  
An effective business continuity plan is based on “worst” and “most likely” scenarios.
Seeking Alpha
· Brookline Bancorp: A Safe Haven In Unstable Times  
But the most important thing to consider when examining any individual bank right now is the levels of risk across its existing loan portfolio; how healthy will the company be under worst-case scenarios?
Seeking Alpha
· XLRE: Concentrated Exposure To Large-Cap REITs Highlight Ongoing Risks  
We question some lofty valuations in this segment that may already be pricing in a best-case scenario.
Seeking Alpha
· FutureFuel: 46% Net Cash, Recent 25% Special Dividend, FCF Yield Of 12%  
Moreover, FutureFuel’s 2020 P/E of 8.6x and 2021 P/E of 8.4x, respectively, we believe, take in to account the potential negative impact on 2020 financials and provide investors with an attractive entry point and a favorable risk-reward scenario.
Seeking Alpha
· Surprising Resilience In Salmon Changes The Narrative From Austevoll To Leroy  
We reassess Austevoll in light of this resilience, highlighting the strength of both the pelagic and farmed fish businesses in a recessionary scenario and issuing an attractive rating on this stock.
The New York Times
· The Fall of Autumn: Live Performance Producers Are Giving Up on 2020  
“I can’t imagine any scenario in which performances can take place at the Met when social distancing is still a factor,” said Peter Gelb, the opera’s general manager.