“Scholar” in the news

Example collocations

biblical scholar
classical scholar
legal scholar
literary scholar
visiting scholar

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· A burning question about how to deal with writers' final wishes  
Henry James presented us with a rapacious scholar hunting down literary treasure in The Aspern Papers; another scholar pursues letters by T. S. Eliot in Martha Cooley’s novel The Archivist; and in Australia, Toni Jordan has devised The Fragments, a literary mystery about tattered pages of a famous writer’s manuscript that survived a fire.
The Japan Times
· Trump continues to claim broad powers he doesn’t have  
As he battles the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. President Donald Trump has been claiming extraordinarily sweeping powers that legal scholars say the president simply doesn’t have.
Financial Express
· US-China tensions: Trump admin may soon expel thousands of Chinese graduate students  
“We’re very worried about how broadly this will be applied, and we’re concerned it could send a message that we no longer welcome talented students and scholars from around the globe,” said Sarah Spreitzer, director of government relations at the American Council on Education.
Malay Mail
· A mislaid path for PAS — Liew Chin Tong  
The idea of “kepimpinan ulama” (leadership by religious scholars) was the battle cry in 1982 to differentiate the new leadership from the old Asri’s Malay-first rhetoric — the era when Malays saw PAS as a party for “orang kampung”.
The Guardian
· Fulbright scholarships are not a panacea for the world's ills but an avenue of hope  
These are just some of the questions this year’s Fulbright scholars are asking on behalf of society.
Malay Mail
· What China's tougher national security regime could mean for Hong Kong  
“There are suddenly a lot more questions than answers and it is not even clear whether anyone in the Hong Kong government is standing up internally against these changes,” one legal scholar said.
Malay Mail
· Transport minister: New awareness campaign against drink driving in works  
Wee added that the knowledge from top scholars and researchers like Wong will give the ministry more reference points with which to find lasting solutions to the problems of DUI.
The New York Times
· Why George Floyd Won't Be the Last American Killed by the Police  
Criminal justice scholars have also called for an end to the Pentagon’s practice of donating military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, which research suggests leads to more violence against officers and higher numbers of fatal shootings by the police.
The New York Times
· Roman Villa’s Mosaics Are Unearthed, Again, a Century After Last Dig  
The site, near Verona in northern Italy, was known to scholars through photographs taken during an earlier archaeological campaign, in 1922.
The Atlantic
· This Social-Media Mob Was Good  
During the Arab Spring and its aftermath, which I studied in the field as a scholar, in places such as Tahrir Square, Cairo, and Taksim Gezi Park, Istanbul, I witnessed numerous examples of social-media fury as protesters’ only tool of deterrence against wrongdoing by the powerful.