Scholar trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

biblical scholar Học giả kinh thánh
classical scholar Học giả cổ điển
legal scholar Học giả pháp lý
literary scholar Học giả văn học
visiting scholar Học giả thỉnh giảng

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
· How Trump should change the way journalists understand “objectivity”  
Some of the most interesting thinking on this topic has come from Tom Rosenstiel, a media scholar and the executive director of the American Press Institute.
The Atlantic
· What Princeton Professors Really Think About Defining Racism  
Among the demands: Exponentially increase the number of faculty of color; elevate more faculty of color to leadership positions; use admissions as a tool of anti-racism; implement anti-racist training that “moves participants through stages of vulnerability, productive discomfort, and reflection”; pay faculty of color more and give them course relief and more time for sabbaticals than white faculty to reward “the invisible work” they do as “spokespersons” for diversity; create “a center specifically dedicated to racism and anti-racism”; reconsider the use of standardized tests like the SAT and GRE in admissions decisions; remove questions about misdemeanors and felony convictions from admissions applications; fund an indigenous-studies professorship “for a scholar who decenters white frames of reference”; and support efforts by departments and programs to identify and recruit postdoctoral scholars of color.
· Coronavirus aid helped larger businesses thrive, Navajo fear second wave, Isaias downgraded  
Advocates, scholars and officials say one of the clearest examples of ongoing discrimination exists in the housing market, where the gap in homeownership rates between Black and white Americans is wider than it was before the Civil Rights movement.
Washington Post
· D.C. schools took a wise step to help prevent something worse than coronavirus  
Nat Malkus is a resident scholar and deputy director for Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.
Financial Express
· Scholar in Karnataka who suggested auspicious date for Ram temple Bhumi Pujan gets threat calls, given security  
A Sanskrit scholar here, among the astrologers reportedly consulted for fixing auspicious date for the ground breaking ceremony for Ram temple construction at Ayodhya, has complained of receiving threat calls followingwhich he has been provided security by police.
· QAnon's 2020 resurgence  
QAnon could pose real-world danger as it grows, scholars and analysts worry.
Sports Illustrated
· Fullback Alec Ingold launches ‘Mindset Monday’  
The students were part of UNLV’s Young Executive Scholars Hospitality & Tourism program.
The New York Times
· A History of Hurricanes in America and the Devastation They Have Wrought  
James P. Espy, a classics scholar from Philadelphia who also took a keen interest in meteorology, opposed Redfield’s theory.
The Age
· Critical test of academic freedom for Australian universities  
Human Rights Watch has been tracking Chinese government threats to academic freedom in Australia and other countries since 2015, including detailing episodes like this involving other scholars.
The New York Times
· Your Tuesday Briefing  
Related: A tide of Chinese scholars have turned against Western-inspired ideas that once flowed in China’s universities, instead promoting the proudly authoritarian worldview ascendant under Xi Jinping, the Communist Party leader.