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computer scientist Bilgisayar uzmanı
mad scientist Çılgın bilim adamı
political scientist Siyaset bilimci
research scientist Araştırmacı bilim adamı
social scientist Sosyal bilimci

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Financial Express
· It's important to get clear idea about source of coronavirus: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang  
Scientists have cautioned us to stay on high alert to prevent a resurgence of the disease.
The Age
· Sacred sites: Where's our outrage over this destruction?  
On the other side of the world, Rio Tinto blasts a sacred shelter and cave dated 46,000 years old by scientists in the Pilbara.
The New York Times
· Lesson of the Day: ‘“Lionhearted” Girl Bikes Dad Across India, Inspiring a Nation’  
Nations’ Top Scientists
· Bulgaria pins hopes on TB vaccine against coronavirus  
In the worldwide battle against COVID-19, scientists are investigating whether a century-old tuberculosis vaccine might offer some additional protection against the novel coronavirus.
The Guardian
· NHS to increase Covid-19 patients receiving antibody therapy  
Before the plasma is used scientists run tests on the fluid to make sure it contains high levels of antibodies.
· California readies for 'realistic' nightmare — raging wildfires during a pandemic  
Northern California, which just recorded one of its driest winters on record, could be especially hard hit this fire season, said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at the University of California, Los Angeles.
The Atlantic
· China Escalates the Pandemic Propaganda War  
Hua’s tweet was also an invitation to a conspiracy theory, and a message that, if President Donald Trump was determined to speculate about the virus first appearing in a Chinese lab—a notion that scientists have dismissed and that allied intelligence agencies find “highly unlikely”—then China was going to give as good as it got.
Financial Express
· Coronavirus: 'Entire country heard cries of migrants but not Modi govt', says Sonia Gandhi  
From day one, Congress workers and leaders, economists and social scientists and all leading citizens have told the government repeatedly to come forward and heal the wounds of people and help farmers, labourers, and traders, she recalled.
Technology Org
· Scientists see through glass frogs’ translucent camouflage  
A team of scientists from McMaster University, the University of Bristol, and Universidad de Las Américas Quito, set out to establish the ecological importance of glass frog translucency and, in doing so, have revealed a novel form of camouflage.
Financial Express
· Possible mutations, unusual symptoms among unsolved COVID-19 mysteries: Scientists  
Possibility of the novel coronavirus mutating into different strains, unknown reasons behind unusual symptoms like loss of smell, and patient samples yielding false positives in dengue diagnosis tests are some of the COVID-19 mysteries that remain unsolved, scientists say.