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came under scrutiny Inceleme altına alındı
come under scrutiny Inceleme altına almak
media scrutiny Medya incelemesi
public scrutiny Kamu incelemesi
strict scrutiny Katı inceleme

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The Guardian
· Allegations over offshore funds swirl around Spain's former king  
Damaging allegations over the financial arrangements of Spain’s former king Juan Carlos have placed the royal family under unprecedented scrutiny but are unlikely to result in current or futures monarchs losing their constitutional immunity, according to legal experts.
· Trump transition agrees to shut down, State Dept. official fined  
Henderson, who has yet to be confirmed as U.S. Chief of Protocol, is also under scrutiny as part of an inspector general investigation into leadership issues at the Office of the Chief of Protocol, NBC News previously reported.
The New York Times
· Trump’s Falsehoods on Police Shootings, Biden, Coronavirus and China  
Rather than “abolish prisons” and “all charter schools,” the recommendations call for an end to using for-profit private prisons, banning for-profit charter schools, if they receive federal funding, and subjecting all charter schools to more scrutiny.
The Guardian
· Jeff Sessions loses GOP nomination for his old Alabama Senate seat  
Despite Alabama’s fundamental Republican advantage, Tuberville is almost certain to face more scrutiny in a general election campaign against Jones.
· Coronavirus was ‘dormant’ for MONTHS before pandemic - shocking new warning  
The Barcelona study that may have detected traces of coronavirus as early as March last year has not yet been peer-reviewed, and has been subject to scrutiny from many observers.
Seeking Alpha
· Trump to tweak environmental law in bid to speed up pipelines, projects  
The first-in-decades rewrite of the rules governing how agencies scrutinize projects under the National Environmental Policy Act, signed in 1970, reportedly would limit the scope of agency reviews as well as what projects warrant the scrutiny.
Liverpool Echo
· Jurgen Klopp explains FFP hope after Man City appeal and makes Liverpool admission  
Klopp steered cleared of criticising City following the overturning of their verdict, but questioned why FFP has come under so much scrutiny from certain sections inside the game.
Seeking Alpha
· Google favoring YouTube results over rivals, WSJ says  
The report comes alongside ongoing scrutiny of Google search by regulators examining whether Google is suppressing competition.
· Meghan Markle shock: Did Meghan lash out at Royal Family in speech? 'Drown out the noise'  
Meghan’s struggle with being a subject of intense scrutiny was revealed in an ITV documentary last year.