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search and rescue
search engine
search engines
search results
search warrant

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The Guardian
· Allowing the privileged few to flee Hong Kong isn't liberation  
Every state has an ethical and moral obligation to open its doors to people in search of safety or better opportunities.
Seeking Alpha
· Clash Of The Healthcare REITs: Omega Healthcare Vs. Quality  
So as we set ourselves to the task of searching healthcare names, there are a few things we look for.
The Independent
· Seoul mayor death: Park Won-soon’s lavish state funeral begins as accuser says he sexually harassed her for four years  
Ms Kim, who represents the ex-secretary, said the complaint was filed on 8 July – the day before Mr Park’s daughter called police to report her father missing, prompting a massive police search.
The Verge
· Google just put a photo of the Pixel 4A on its store  
A 5G-compatible version of the 4A was also uncovered in the code for Google’s search app last week.
· Google Pixel Buds UK release offers a new alternative to AirPods and Galaxy Buds  
Of course, being made by the web search giant, Google's integrated its assistant into the Pixel Buds meaning you can get all your notifications and ask numerous questions via voice search.
Liverpool Echo
· Disease expert stopped by police who 'asked him what he was thinking' claims officers didn't use PPE properly  
It was then that officers told him they wanted to conduct a body search and Ghaith initially refused, stating he would not consent unless the officers donned PPE.
The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Biden’s Search for That Elusive Economic Consensus  
Presidential campaigns are mostly about defining differences between candidates, but they can be even more interesting when they reveal a search for a middle ground, or an emerging national consensus.
· Lisa Marie Presley love life: Inside Elvis’ daughter’s short marriage to Michael Jackson  
She also noted the Beverly Hills Police Department executed a search warrant, and removed more than 80 of his devices, though as of 2017 these had not been analysed or released.
Seeking Alpha
· 3 SPACs Score - CCXX, SPAQ, And HYAC  
Focusing on the eight in search of deals, this is a very prestigious group; you’ve probably made some high-quality life choices to make it onto that list of SPAC sponsors.
· Archaeology news: Chilling discovery unearths the skeletal remains of 1945 murder victims  
The archaeologists have concluded their search 75 years after the end of World War II.