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first secretary Ilk sekreter
general secretary Genel sekreter
private secretary Özel sekreter
secretary general Genel sekreter
secretary of state Dışişleri bakanı

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Malay Mail
· HK security chief warns of growing 'terrorism' as govt backs Beijing's planned security laws  
“Terrorism is growing in the city and activities which harm national security, such as 'Hong Kong independence,' become more rampant,” Secretary for Security John Lee said in a statement.
The New York Times
· U.S. Bans Flights From Brazil, Where Pandemic Is Raging  
“Today’s action will help ensure foreign nationals who have been in Brazil do not become a source of additional infections in our country,” said the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.
Malay Mail
· Afghan president to free up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners after ceasefire offer  
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also hailed the ceasefire, but said in a statement yesterday that he expected “the Taliban to adhere to their commitment not to allow released prisoners to return to the battlefield.”
· US aide renews warning on China's proposed law for Hong Kong  
A US law passed last year requires the secretary of state to certify each year that Hong Kong remains largely autonomous; absent that, the territory risks losing trade privileges not enjoyed by mainland China.
The Japan Times
· White House imposes coronavirus travel ban on Brazil  
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany cast the step announced Sunday as another “decisive action to protect our country” by Trump, whose management of the crisis has come under sharp scrutiny.
The Guardian
· Austria's president apologises for Covid-19 curfew breach – as it happened  
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the new restrictions would help ensure foreign nationals do not bring additional infections to the US, but would not apply to the flow of commerce between the new countries.
The New York Times
· Florida Law Restricting Felon Voting Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules  
The judge during the trial had pressed Mohammad O. Jazil, a lawyer for the Florida secretary of state, the official who oversees elections, about possible partisan motives.
The Guardian
· Doctors condemn secrecy over false negative Covid-19 tests  
In a strongly worded letter to PHE, the HCSA’s general secretary, Dr Paul Donaldson, a consultant microbiologist, said: “Statements by PHE offcials and others place the incidence of false negatives somewhere between 20% and 30%.
The Guardian
· 29,000 claims a year despite 50 years since Equal Pay Act  
Their action triggered a meeting between strike leaders and Barbara Castle, then employment secretary, who brokered a deal to end the three-week strike that included the conception of the new act.