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sectarian violence Насилие на религиозной почве

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BBC Sport
· Niall McGinn calls for more support for footballers receiving abuse  
McGinn, 32, has drawn from his own experiences of receiving sectarian abuse throughout his career, particularly during his time at Celtic.
Al Jazeera
· More money is not the answer to Lebanon's troubles  
Over the last eight months, the country's elite bargain has faced an unprecedented challenge, firstly with the wave of anti-corruption protests that defied age, sectarian and regional divides and brought thousands of people on the streets, and subsequently with oil price crash and COVID-19.
· Four Iraqis on Searching For Hope 17 Years After the Iraq War  
The documentary recounts their stories of life under Saddam Hussein, the war, the occupation, and the years of chaos that followed — from sudden explosions during the days of sectarian violence, to mass killing under the brutal reign of ISIS.
· Meet a Woman Who Helped Her Town Save Some 850 People Threatened by ISIS  
Lyrical, personal and often surprising, the documentary traces the Iraq war and the years of chaos, poverty and sectarian violence that followed through the eyes of Iraqis who lived through it — from the U.S.-led invasion and occupation, to the rise of ISIS and the fight against them.
· UAE to make history with launch of Mars probe  
The UAE also wants the project to serve as a source of inspiration for Arab youth, in a region too often wracked by sectarian conflicts and economic crises.