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Al Jazeera
· US: Group recommends renaming UNC buildings over racism ties  
The recommendation comes after the university last month lifted a moratorium that had been in place since 2015 preventing the school from removing names on campus buildings that may be associated with slavery, segregation and white supremacy.
The New York Times
· Rename theMilitary Bases That Honor Confederates  
This stereotype was reinforced by the formal segregation of the military, which lasted until 1948.
The Independent
· Coronavirus and racism could worsen black suicide rate, experts warn  
We survived slavery and segregation and all this other stuff.
The Atlantic
· Doug Jones on the South's Confederate Past and Pandemic Present  
Dovere: Where do you think we are in the story of the legacy of the South, slavery, and segregation?
The Age
· Gallery: State Funeral for Uncle Lyall Munro Senior  
Uncle Lyall joined the 'Freedom Rides' to raise awareness about racial segregation in rural towns.
· In Mississippi's fight to discard Confederate relics, a new ally: college athletes  
Several athletes, predominantly football players, at the University of Texas published a letter last month calling for the school to rename several buildings carrying monikers of individuals tied to the state’s history of segregation and Jim Crow.
Washington Post
· Arthur Ashe, who stood for so much, might be the last statue standing in Richmond  
Argument arrived in multiple streams, Baskerville recalled, from African Americans who didn’t want Ashe sullied on “an avenue of losers” to citizens who preferred Ashe in Byrd Park overlooking the courts where segregation once denied him access to those who “didn’t like the art,” she said.