Haberlerde Seized

Örnek kollokasyonlar

seized control Ele geçirilmiş kontrol
seized power Ele geçirilmiş güç
seized the opportunity Fırsatı yakaladı
seized the throne Tahta el koymak
seized upon Ele geçirmek

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The New York Times
· Nazi or Hero? Historian Looks at the Stories a German Consultant Told of His Father  
The bakery, as well as a villa in Vienna rented by the Berger family, had earlier been seized from Jewish owners.
The Age
· Extend national goodwill found in pandemic response to the Voice to Parliament  
Our Prime Minister has seized the moment in his determination to find an accord between unions and business.
· Thailand passes record stimulus package to combat COVID-19 impact  
Many in politically turbulent Thailand are unhappy with the ex-generals, who seized power in six years ago and still run the government.
The Independent
· The bills for America's long-term complacency over racism have finally come due  
During that time, a national leader with stature and empathy could have seized the moment.
· The return of La Liga: What's at stake?  
When Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu on March 1, it seemed they had halted a dip in form and seized control of the title race.
The Independent
· 'Criminal mobs': US conservatives and Fox News hosts weigh in on George Floyd protests  
The president’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, seized on the backlash to Mr Trump’s “looting” tweet to attack “the media, Joe Biden, and the Democrats”, ticking off a triumvirate of Republican bogeymen.
Malay Mail
· General Operations Force Central Brigade seizes RM1.12m of smuggled liquor in Johor  
JOHOR BARU, May 31 — The Central Brigade of General Operations Force (GOF) seized 4,903 litres of contraband liquor worth RM1.127 million and 120,000 sticks of contraband cigarettes worth RM169,000 in a raid at a double-storey terrace house in Permas Jaya, here today.
The New York Times
· Live George Floyd Protests and News Updates  
The fear and fury that had seized Minneapolis, where the death of yet another black man at the hands of the police set off protracted unrest last week, swept well beyond Minnesota throughout the day and into the night, with tumultuous demonstrations from Columbus, Ohio, and Little Rock, Ark., to Miami and Washington.
The New York Times
· Live George Floyd Protest Updates and Video  
The fear and fury that had seized Minneapolis, where the death of yet another black man at the hands of the police last week set off days of protracted unrest, have now swept well beyond Minnesota, with tumultuous demonstrations from New York City and Los Angeles and dozens of cities in between.
The China Post
· Liberal Warsaw mayor injects suspense into presidential vote  
Civic Platform, a centrist, pro-EU party, seized its chance to replace its original candidate, Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska, who was polling in the low single digits.