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search and seizure Tìm kiếm và thu giữ
seizure of power Tịch thu quyền lực

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The Guardian
· Morning mail: NSW to tighten pub coronavirus rules, palace letters release, Trump's 'tsunami of untruths'  
An inquest into the death of an Indigenous man in NSW custody has heard the young father may have had multiple seizures and was distressed to be separated from his cellmate on his last night in remand.
Washington Post
· Feds seize internet domain in Chinese arms trafficking case  
Visitors to will find a seizure notice bearing law enforcement shields, according to Homeland Security Investigations.
Financial Express
· Lingering pathologies: SARS-CoV-2 could be doing long term damage to the body  
Then, there are reported observations of several neuropathologies—including encephalitis like conditions, seizures and sympathetic storms.
· Coronation Street spoilers: Oliver Battersby's exit 'sealed' in harrowing off-screen twist  
Oliver (played by Emmanuel and Jeremiah Cheetham) has been taking centre stage in a harrowing plot on Coronation Street of late after suffering numerous seizures in scenes which aired earlier this year.
· John Travolta children: How many children did John Travolta have with Kelly Preston?  
The cause of death was attributed to a seizure, and John confirmed Jett had a regular history of seizures, having been diagnosed with Kawasaki disease when he was two years old.
· Kelly Preston, Actress And Wife Of John Travolta, Dead At 57  
Their son Jett died at age 16 in January 2009 after a seizure.
· Kelly Preston, Actress and Wife of John Travolta, Is Dead at 57  
The mother of three children—one of whom, Jett, died following a seizure in 2009—Preston had been fighting breast cancer for the past two years, and was rarely seen in public since 2018.
The Guardian
· Kelly Preston: a classy actor who graduated from teen-movie roles to darker and funnier parts  
Heartrendingly, Jett died of a seizure at the age of 16, a memory which adds a new layer of sadness to today’s news, and a new layer of sombre reflection about the great pressure that woman in public life is expected to undergo.
The Age
· This week, moving documentaries reveal new sides to famous faces  
An American exchange student who has a seizure while waiting in the triage reception area.