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Washington Post
· Baltimore’s community lab puts the scientific method in the people’s hands  
The lab also hosts public lectures, classes and seminars led by professors, graduate students and even high school students looking to share their research.
Liverpool Echo
· Back street nightclub Quadrant Park that introduced Merseyside to house music and 'gave birth to Cream'  
Mike said: “I remember the first time I heard about house music was at the new music seminar in New York in the 80s.
Scientific American
· How to Fix Science's Diversity Problem  
I recently started a fellowship that involves a role in selecting speakers for Rockefeller’s neuroscience seminar series, and had submitted a list of 17 young neuroscientists to invite.
The Guardian
· Let a jury decide what content should appear on social media  
Panic attackThere’s an intriguing academic article, The Sisyphean cycle of technology panics, by Amy Orben in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.Virtually perfectZoom is great for virtual meetings, but if you want to use it for seminars you really need to know what you’re doing.
Malay Mail
· Iran’s president calls for ban on weddings, wakes to halt virus spread  
“Now is not the time for festivals or seminars,” he said, adding that even university entrance exams may have to be suspended.
The Japan Times
· The murky politics behind Japan’s campaign financing  
Kaneko said out loud what so many in the media have been implying for decades, that Japanese politics is built on buying favors, an approach to an extent illustrated by the scandal surrounding last year’s cherry blossom viewing party and the pre-party seminar held at a swanky Tokyo hotel.
The Guardian
· Bear Grylls encourages return to wild with back garden scout camp  
Baking birthday cakes for his sons and logging on to online seminars have replaced rugged foreign missions for Bear Grylls during his lockdown at home in Wiltshire.
Ars Technica
· Florida men charged with selling bleach as COVID-19 cure, threatening “a Waco”  
Other reports noted that Humble, who also calls himself an archbishop, still gave seminars in the US on how to sell MMS.
The New York Times
· She’s an Authority on Earth’s Past. Now, Her Focus Is the Planet’s Future.  
Kailani Acosta, a graduate student who has worked to create a “Race Talk” reading group at Lamont and to bring in a more racially diverse group of speakers for the institution’s frequent seminars, said she was “super excited” to see Dr. Raymo taking a leadership post.