Senator trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

elected senator Bầu thượng nghị sĩ
former senator Cựu thượng nghị sĩ
state senator Thượng nghị sĩ tiểu bang

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Financial Express
· Proud of India for standing up to Chinese aggression: US Senator  
A top US Senator has praised the Indian government for standing up to Chinese aggression in a border dispute, hoping this would prompt other countries to be fearless in their handling of China.
Malay Mail
· Fridays now declared ‘Jawi Day’, effective today, says minister Zulkifli  
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs), Senator Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri said in a statement today the proposal which was made in the Cabinet meeting on July 8, had the full support of all the ministers.
Financial Express
· US sanctions Chinese officials over repression of minorities  
In response to the AP investigation, 78 senators and members of Congress signed a letter urging the Trump administration to sanction Chinese officials and call for a U.N. probe into whether the actions in Xinjiang constitute genocide.
Financial Express
· Joe Biden pledges New Deal-like economic agenda to counter Donald Trump  
As a senator, Biden voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994.
· US senators press Trump over detention of Saudi ex-spy's children  
Four US senators have urged President Donald Trump to help free the detained children of a former top Saudi intelligence official exiled in Canada, according to a joint letter released Thursday.
Malay Mail
· Bolivia's President Anez tests positive for coronavirus  
Anez, a conservative former senator, assumed the interim president role in the political vacuum and initially said she would not run for full office, but later threw her hat in the ring.
The Guardian
· US imposes sanctions on senior Chinese officials over Uighur abuses  
In response to an Associated Press investigation, 78 senators and members of Congress signed a letter urging the Trump administration to sanction Chinese officials and call for a UN inquiry into whether the actions in Xinjiang constituted genocide.
The New York Times
· Bolivia President, Jeanine Añez, Tests Positive for Coronavirus  
A quirk in Bolivian Constitution made Ms. Añez, then a senator from a remote tropical region, the caretaker president until the new elections.
Washington Post
· Live updates: As coronavirus hospitalizations climb, Trump sidelines health advisers  
Áñez, a 53-year-old right-wing senator and religious conservative backed by the Trump administration, assumed power last year in a political deal with opposition parties, the Catholic Church and the European Union, following the flight from the country of the socialist ex-president Evo Morales amid accusations of election fraud.
The New York Times
· Conservatives, Don’t Give Up on Your Principles or the Supreme Court  
After the Bostock v. Clayton County decision, which held that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is forbidden by the 1964 Civil Rights Act — Senator Josh Hawley, Republican of Missouri, said, “if textualism and originalism give you this decision, if you can invoke textualism and originalism in order to reach such a decision — an outcome that fundamentally changes the scope and meaning and application of statutory law — then textualism and originalism and all of those phrases don’t mean much at all.”