Haberlerde Sentence

Örnek kollokasyonlar

death sentence Ölüm cezası
jail sentence Hapis cezası
life sentence Ömür boyu hapis cezası
prison sentence Hapis cezası
suspended sentence Askıya alınmış cümle

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The New York Times
· How Minneapolis, One of America’s Most Liberal Cities, Struggles With Racism  
“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” he said.
The New York Times
· Campaign Funds for Judges Warps Criminal Justice, Study Finds  
The differences were small, but the clients of donors were more likely to be sent to jail or prison and on average received longer sentences.
The New York Times
· William Barr’s State of Emergency  
In February, a federal judge recommended that Stone be sentenced to seven to nine years in prison for witness tampering and other crimes.
The New York Times
· A Filmmaker Put Away for Tax Fraud Takes Us Inside a British Prison  
He was sentenced to five years in prison, and was sent to Wandsworth — one of the largest, oldest and unruliest prisons in Britain.
The Independent
· Homeschooling during lockdown: The best online resources for English, history and geography lessons  
To encourage children’s storytelling imagination for a creative writing lesson, try The Story Starter which generates the first sentence of a fictional story which children then springboard from to write their own.
Malay Mail
· 12 individuals fined RM1,000 each for gathering at a pub in Ipoh during CMCO  
Nur Melati sentenced 16 of the accused RM1,000 fine each in default of two month jail while two individuals aged 17 are yet to be sentenced pending morality reports from the Social Welfare Department.
Malay Mail
· Court suspends 21-year-old motorist’s driving licence pending fatal drink driving case on KL highway  
If found guilty, he could be fined between RM8,000 and RM20,000, or sentenced to jail for a term ranging from three to 10 years and have his driving licence revoked.
The New York Times
· Abused Woman Who Killed Husband Is Granted the Family’s U.K. Estate  
In a groundbreaking appeal, Ms. Challen pleaded guilty to the lesser crime of manslaughter and was released last June after a judge sentenced her to nine years and four months in prison — time served.
The Age
· Love and calm must prevail, says Aussie cop on frontline of US riots  
She was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Yonhap News
· Gov't opens websites for potential military victims of humidifier disinfectants  
Last year, Seoul's top court upheld a lower court's six-year sentence on Shin Hyun-woo, Oxy's former chief, for accidental homicide due to professional negligence in sales of the deadly cleaners.