“Sentiment” in the news

Example collocations

nationalist sentiment
public sentiment
sentiment among

Publications and example sentences

· Videos, threats, but few signs protests have been stoked by 'outsider' extremist groups  
There is also a strong police abolitionist sentiment throughout these protests that comes predominantly from the black radical tradition but also to some extent, from the anarchist tradition.
The New York Times
· Corporate Voices Get Behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cause  
To many people, the supportive corporate sentiments fell short without offering funding or other substantive resources.
Seeking Alpha
· The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - Jane's April Update: Looking More Like A Return To Normalcy  
The market ended on a positive note at the end of April but sentiment has faded as tensions with China rise and bleak retail sales figures are announced.
Seeking Alpha
· Brave Isn't Moving BAT Token Prices The Way Many Hoped  
Seeking Alpha
· Continued Pricing Pressure Tips Daqo's Risk Reward Prospect Slightly Bearish  
If general market sentiment is negative during potential downward earnings revisions, DQ may experienced downward pricing pressure.
The Atlantic
· ‘Panic Is Not a Christian Virtue’  
Trump’s sentiments align with those of a growing number of conservative pastors who believe governments are unfairly targeting churches and other houses of worship for closure.
The Guardian
· George Floyd protesters condemn 'opportunistic' looting and violence  
On Sunday, mayors of cities affected by the violence voiced similar sentiments.
Seeking Alpha
· Stocks I Bought On The Dip: Align Technology  
As part of the analysis, I calculate what I consider to be the two main drivers of future total returns: Market Sentiment returns and Business returns.
The Age
· ABC stands by 'Life' website as commercial rivals crumble  
Weak consumer sentiment and economic slowdown driven by the coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant reduction in advertising spending which has caused the temporary suspension of titles like OK!, NW, Harper’s Bazaar, Belle and Elle, among others.
The Age
· Crisis a wake up call for advanced manufacturing in Australia  
The sentiments were echoed by UTS, Sydney professor Roy Green, another long-term advocate for the development of a local hi-tech manufacturing sector.