“Separation” in the news

Example collocations

angular separation
grade separation
separation between
separation of church
separation of powers

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Lockdown: What will government announce after latest three-week review today?  
This would only be allowed outdoors – and the two-metre separation rule would remain.
The Atlantic
· I Miss My Grandchildren  
Especially when, as summer traditions make families everywhere rethink their doleful separations, she hears that other kids she knows are with their grandparents too.
The Guardian
· 'Without it, I’d be lost': the unexpected joy of Zoom Shabbat  
Captured on the screen is the sadness of the pandemic, the forced separation of grandparents from their grandkids, but it’s also an act of hope: despite the circumstances, the Jewish tradition is being passed from one generation to the next.
The Guardian
· Denied beds, pain relief and contact with their babies: the women giving birth amid Covid-19  
More than 4,500 people signed an open letter to the Slovakian government warning the separation of premature babies from their parents is a violation of human rights.
The China Post
· ‘Didn’t give a damn’: Inside a ravaged Spanish nursing home  
On March 21, the Spanish government ordered an immediate separation of nursing home residents into four groups: those infected, which was something nearly impossible to confirm given that no testing kits were available; those with symptoms; those suspected of having had contact with a positive case; and those who appeared healthy.
The Guardian
· Vast majority of New Zealanders don't want to return to office after Covid-19  
“Both employers and the government have a role to play in educating employees working from home in the future about their wellbeing and how to place separation between work and home,” said Dr’O Kane.
Yonhap News
· S. Korea's cosmetics exports rise at slowest pace in 8 years in 2019  
Last year's weaker growth was attributed to the Sino-U.S. trade war, increased uncertainty over Britain's separation from the European Union and the slowing global economy.
The Guardian
· Saudis' proxy war hits Newcastle to place the Premier League in a diplomatic bind  
They say, although it may sound like semantics, there is a clear legal separation between PIF and the government.
The China Post
· Loved ones reunite at an oasis on closed US-Canada border  
And beside a large, white arch symbolizing U.S.-Canadian friendship, Lois England and Ian Hendon kissed giddily, reunited for a few hours after the longest separation of their three-year relationship.
· With 100,000 dead from coronavirus, U.S. sees its promise and flaws far more clearly  
The scale of the loss can be difficult to absorb, partly because we are still learning about the exact nature of COVID-19, partly because local tallies are not uniformly reliable and partly because we are all consumed with our own domestic crises, from school closings and family separations to financial struggles and mental health challenges.