“Serious” in the news

Example collocations

more serious
most serious
serious damage
serious injuries
serious injury

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· 'Progress will be lost': Funding cuts to hit Aboriginal child protection  
“There is a commitment within the NSW government to the right to self-determination, and if you are serious as a government and a bureaucracy about working in partnership with our people… then you can't possibly chip away at the resources that AbSec have.”
The New York Times
· Do I Have Permission to Corona-Shame My Friend?  
My husband is suffering from a serious illness that is not coronavirus related.
The Age
· CBD Melbourne: King leaves empty throne at Melbourne Symphony  
The question of how to bridge a serious rift between musicians and the executive team at Melbourne’s Symphony Orchestra must be front of mind for boss Sophie Galaise.
The China Post
· US economy shrank at 5% annual rate in Q1  
If the relaxing of stay-at-home rules results in a second wave of the coronavirus that could be a serious setback to efforts to get consumers out shopping again in stores and eating in restaurants.
Seeking Alpha
· Natural Gas Powerburn: Fuel Switching, Summer Outlook And What It Means For Gas Prices And Energy Stocks  
By this point in the typically tranquil Shoulder Season, natural gas investors have undoubtedly developed a serious case of whiplash as multiple bullish and bearish catalysts have led to spectacular spikes and sell-offs in the sector.
The China Post
· Manhunts after hundreds flee quarantine in Zimbabwe, Malawi  
These escapees are becoming a serious danger to communities,” Nyathi said.
Seeking Alpha
· Mediwound, An Attractive Opportunity Through The Coronavirus Crisis  
Patients with severe burn injuries must go through debridement and skin grafting to restore burned skin areas while less serious injuries are left to self-heal.
· California readies for 'realistic' nightmare — raging wildfires during a pandemic  
“It won’t spread better, but people will have serious complications.”
Seeking Alpha
· Bulls Vs. Bears: We Share Our Views  
Our Verdict: We believe this is an idea that will gain serious traction should the markets start testing the lows or if the unemployment numbers remain stubborn despite repeated interventions.