“Settle” in the news

Example collocations

allowed to settle
began to settle
decided to settle
not settle
settle down

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Remembering when Manchester United won the Champions League and the treble  
Most teams would have settled for extra-time, but not this United one, as two minutes later they were on the attack again and another corner fell to current manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer to prod home at the far post.
The Guardian
· Raymond Goethals: Marseille's messiah who toppled mighty Milan  
He always denied any wrongdoing and devoted just one short paragraph of his 1994 autobiography to the affair, dismissing it as “political score settling”.
The Guardian
· 'I'd love to see their parents' bank accounts': corona and comedy's class divide  
I don’t think it’s going to settle the way it was.
The New York Times
· Campaigning in a Crisis: Obama, McCain, Trump and Biden  
If the Republican failed at the test of presidential leadership during this crisis, in the view of many voters, the Democrat — for all the criticism of him of being emotionally detached and inexperienced — seemed to settle on a tone of assurance and command.
The China Post
· Risks complicate reopenings as WHO warns 1st wave not over  
Mindful of the risks, Americans settled for small processions and online tributes instead of parades Monday as they observed Memorial Day in the shadow of the pandemic.
Seeking Alpha
· The Market Will Stay Irrational So Don't Miss Out  
Internationally, the U.S. is the reserve currency, which means that other countries use it to trade and settle balances.
The Guardian
· Scott Morrison walks away from union-busting 'integrity' bill  
Morrison said the industrial relations system was “not fit for purpose” and had settled into a form of “complacency”, with “unions seeking marginal benefits and employers closing down risks, often by simply not employing anyone”.
Seeking Alpha
· Tesla's New D&O Policy Adds Risk Instead Of Covering It  
Because most cases settle before any final adjudication, the exclusions rarely bite.
The Guardian
· ‘It’s been a real rollercoaster’: navigating autism in the Covid-19 chaos  
The first weeks under restrictions were “completely chaotic” because routines were upended but after that, Morgan settled.
The Age
· Warner Music boss' former lover to face murder, forgery charges in France  
Frenchman Alexandre Despallieres, 52, settled a lawsuit with Mr Ikin's Sydney family in 2009 after he claimed he was the sole beneficiary of the former Warner Music boss' $20 million estate.