Several trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

several different Một số khác nhau
several months Vài tháng
several other Một số khác
several times Vài lần
several years Vài năm

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Liverpool Echo
· Parents 'scared to let kids play outside' as rat infestation plagues town  
Residents in Page Moss and other parts of Huyton said they believe several factors have contributed to the rat problem in recent years, one of them being the lack of sewer baiting.
The Guardian
· Barbara Pointon obituary  
(It did not – he died several days later.)
· Brexit POLL: Should Boris rip up Withdrawal Agreement and demand talks start again? VOTE  
The document, titled 'Replacing the Withdrawal Agreement: How to ensure the UK takes back control on exiting the transition period', highlights several areas the UK must stand firm on.
Washington Post
· California now allows nursing home visits, but few happen  
“My mother calls me crying, sometimes several times a day, begging me that she wants to see me, and when will she see me, and will she be able to see me before she dies.
The Guardian
· Pushing poor people into bad work: how British jobcentres operate  
So too is the fact that in the last 20 years, although several thousand firms have been caught not paying the minimum wage, only 14 have been criminally prosecuted.
The Wall Street Journal
· Protesters in Russia’s Far East Call for Putin to Resign  
Sergei Furgal, who in 2018 defeated a Kremlin-backed candidate in the race for governor, was detained Thursday and flown to Moscow, where he is being held for two months pending trial for his alleged involvement in the murders of several businessmen some 15 years ago.
Seeking Alpha
· Annual Update Federal Register: Good News...  
US debt delinquencies were trending towards 17-year lows even in the face of several bouts of stronger US$, which clearly hurt industrial and farming exports.
The Guardian
· Pantomime is under threat. This key part of British culture must be saved  
In few other contexts will you see several generations of the same family out of the house together, merrily bonding over the sight of Dad being hauled on stage to embarrass himself.
Washington Post
· As virus rages in US, New York guards against another rise  
Still, with more New Yorkers getting out and about and riding mass transit, and police taking a hands-off approach to enforcing mask and distancing rules after several violent clashes caught on video, experts worry it’s inevitable case numbers will spike.