Haberlerde Severe

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more severe Daha şiddetli
most severe En şiddetli
severe damage Ciddi hasar
severe weather Şiddetli hava
suffered severe Şiddetli acı çekti

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Seeking Alpha
· The Myth Of Independence  
RED: Severe (+/- 4%) ORANGE: High (+/- 3%) YELLOW: Elevated (+/- 2%) BLUE: Guarded (+/- 1%)
· CDC links red onions to salmonella outbreak across the U.S., Canada  
Most people recover without treatment, but severe cases can require hospitalization and antibiotics.
Seeking Alpha
· Timken Co (TKR) CEO Richard Kyle on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
So while the cause is unique and the depth was maybe severe, we're ready to perform and we remain focused on performing.
· Pope Benedict XVI health update: Is the former pope ill?  
But the Vatican came forward with a less severe picture in an official statement.
Seeking Alpha
· The Corporate Debt Crisis Has Not Gone Away  
The folly of such a policy was revealed in the severe market correction of March 2020.
· The TikTok-Microsoft-Trump drama, explained  
According to a New York Times report, after Trump’s advisers convinced him that an executive action to ban TikTok would face severe legal and political consequences, Trump agreed that instead of issuing a ban, he would allow the tech giant Microsoft to continue its previous talks to buy TikTok, which had reportedly been in the works for weeks.
The New York Times
· Kansas Senate Primary Has Arrived, and the Anxiety Over Kobach Is High  
Mr. Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state who has run for office multiple times, has long been a controversial figure because of his severe views on issues including immigration and voting rights.
Ars Technica
· In wake of Apple acquisition, Dark Sky ends Android support  
Severe weather
· Tropical Storm Isaias Expected To Make Landfall As A Hurricane In Carolinas  
Officials are warning of a potentially more severe outcome in some parts of North and South Carolina, particularly in the stretch from the South Santee River in South Carolina to Surf City, N.C., which is under a hurricane watch.
· The Promise of a New Treatment (Podcast)  
Since these are the very groups most at risk for severe disease or death if they contract the coronavirus, a successful antibody treatment could have a marked effect on lowering the pandemic’s death toll.