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annual parallax shift Yıllık paralaks kayması
parallax shift Paralaks kayması
phase shift Faz değişimi
shift away Kaçıp gitmek
shift towards Doğru kaymak

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Seeking Alpha
· NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Management Presents at Morgan Stanley 2020 Cloud Secular Winners Virtual Conference (Transcript)  
And then when internet cafes opened back up, that there's more incremental demand or has there been a shift where in the regions where those cafes are prominent that people have shifted more to gain from home?
The New York Times
· New Regulator Warns Health Measures, Like Masks, May Hurt Banks  
This is a shift in federal guidance reflecting new concerns that the coronavirus is being spread by infected people who have no symptoms.
· Commentary: Soon you may be competing with talent globally. The Fortitude Budget is a wake-up call  
The huge spike in global unemployment and the rising trend of permanent remote working could buck the anti-globalisation shift that was highlighted in the Fortitude Budget, says employment and labour lawyer Amarjit Kaur.
Japan Today
· Obama condemns violence at protests  
His shift in tone on Monday came as some protesters have set fires, smashed windows and looted stores, forcing mayors in large cities to impose nighttime curfews.
· NYPD officer appears to brandish gun at protesters; mayor calls it 'absolutely unacceptable'  
But the mayor has since shifted his criticism onto the officers, saying that an independent review would examine their actions and what could have been done differently.
The Atlantic
· Christo Found Beauty in Realizing the Impossible  
Some they eventually abandoned; others, they kept fighting for, shifting to new locations in search of a more favorable reception.
Malay Mail
· Experts: Commercial property sector needs reinvention to survive impending recession from Covid-19  
He said the shift was already prevalent in most cities and countries even before the Covid-19 pandemic as technology, e-commerce and enhanced online tools made working remotely more and more popular and preferable.
· Pride started with 'revolutionary riots': Advocates point to movement's radical roots  
The actor and activist George Takei was among the LGBTQ celebrities to speak out about the need for a shift during Pride Month.
· The coronavirus has hastened the post-human era  
The shift to a locked-in world has accelerated the acceptance of identity as distinct from physical body or place.
· Many Facebook employees think the company needs to stand up to Trump now more than ever  
For Facebook, a company with a famously unified culture, which at times some former employees have described as sycophantic, this represents a significant internal shift at the company.