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Seeking Alpha
· Limited Upside For Optical Cable's Stock Unless Management Chooses To Optimize Shareholder Value By Selling The Company Over The Next Year  
Given $14MM of net losses over the 10 year period ended FY2019, and recent covenant issues with OCC's credit facility, partially offset by OCC's success at garnering a forgivable PPP loan that should more than tide the company through FY2020 cash losses, status quo is no longer a viable long-term option, in my opinion.
The New York Times
· House Pulls Surveillance Measure After Trump Tells Republicans to Vote No  
He tweeted on Tuesday that Republicans should oppose the legislation, “until such time as our Country is able to determine how and why the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal in USA history took place!” On Wednesday evening, ahead of the vote, he tweeted again with a promise to veto the measure if it passed.
BBC Sport
· Premier League: What is still up for grabs this season?  
As mentioned, Bournemouth will be particularly boosted by the break in play as they should be able to call upon a number of first-team players who had otherwise looked out of the picture.
The Guardian
· The Tories are losing the shires – this is a gift for Keir Starmer  
For the first time, many people are willing at least to look again at a Labour party they rejected only a few months ago, and the last thing they want is a sanctimonious lecture about why they should have done it earlier.
Seeking Alpha
· American Tower: A Premium For Quality  
The firm certainly is trading at a premium, so investors should anticipate volatility over time.
Seeking Alpha
· Splunk: Strong Prospects For The Foreseeable Future  
Splunk's high operating leverage should result in continued improvements in operating profitability in coming years which is likely to be supportive of the company's EV/S multiple.
Seeking Alpha
· MedMen slumps after soft earnings report  
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The Guardian
· Jacob Rees-Mogg accused of bungling plans for Commons return  
“I have been clear to the government and to opposition parties that I would prefer cross-party agreement to be reached about the way in which the house should conduct its proceedings when the house returns, including on how divisions should take place.”
Seeking Alpha
· Why Realty Income Is My Largest Holding  
While Realty Income has come under pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic due to exposure to movie theaters, fitness centers, and restaurants, I believe most of these properties should continue to perform well over the long term.
Malay Mail
· Singapore in talks with Malaysia on land crossings  
“The key is, I think, if we will have all that in place, we should be prepared that the volume of people sort of commuting daily will likely come down,” he added.