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Seeking Alpha
· Ford to introduce new Bronco tonight - WSJ  
The Bronco is coming off the sidelines after 24 years even as U.S. vehicle sales are forecast to shrink by ~25% this year largely due to COVID-19 and shows the broader challenges companies face now in rolling out products into a changed market that were under development long before the pandemic.
Seeking Alpha
· Donnelley Financial: A Tale Of 2 Companies  
Their revenue has been in decline since the spin for several reasons - print based revenue continues to shrink, divestiture of non-strategic revenue producing assets and loss of share on the capital market compliance side.
Japan Today
· Trump fuels, then downplays, tensions with virus expert Fauci  
His base is shrinking.
Seeking Alpha
· Corcept Therapeutics: A Long-Term Hold Despite Short-Term Sales Threat  
In our study seven of 25 patients with metastatic pancreas cancer and five of 11 patients with advanced ovarian cancer hit durable disease control, meaning their tumors either shrank or ceased growing for 16 weeks or longer.
The Guardian
· The Guardian view on England's hungry children: the indigestible truth  
Since parents and grandparents are well known to skip meals (or shrink helpings) in order to give younger family members extra, an increase in poorly fed children is a strong indication that whole households are in a desperate state.
The New York Times
· The Case Against Tickling  
“I remember pulling my arms into my body, trying to shrink, trying to protect myself,” said Crawshaw.
Seeking Alpha
· Finding Winners In The Government-Supported Airline Industry  
While it might not lay off that many personnel, it is certain that United as well as other airlines will shrink their work forces dramatically; most are using the period until Sept. 30 to offer voluntary retirement and separation programs and are strongly encouraging participation by their employees.
The Guardian
· Football in Australia is doomed to be a marginal sport unless its leaders show vision  
As problems grew, the numbers of key News Corp football journalists in all the major states shrank.
Seeking Alpha
· Apple: The Orchard Grows  
As demand began to shrink and Apple decided to stop reporting unit sales, analysts and observers became skeptical.
Seeking Alpha
· Fleetcor: Strong Payment Networks Give 50% Return By 2023  
We assume Gift revenues will continue shrinking with a negative CAGR of -5%.