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sibling rivalry
younger sibling

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The Age
· Officer's body-worn camera not turned on before shooting, coroner told  
The court heard Mr Messo had lived at home with his parents and siblings before moving into a share house just weeks before the attack.
· 75 years on, Japan bomb survivors make final pleas for abolition  
His knowledge of the attack comes from the accounts of his siblings, who described the dizzying flash and ear-splitting roar that formed the first indication the bomb known as Little Boy had detonated.
The China Post
· Rajapaksa brothers to get strong support in Sri Lanka polls  
The results of the vote could also lead to sibling rivalry, charting the country into more confusion, analysts say.
The New York Times
· A College Athlete Calls His Coach to Opt Out. And Ends Up on the Outs.  
And his parents and his six siblings have firmly encouraged him.
The Guardian
· Concerns persist over plan to reopen schools in England  
And teachers on social media have mocked the government’s “bubbles” as “colanders” after it was found that official guidance allows teachers and other staff to operate across bubbles, while siblings may be in different groups within the same school.
· Colorado ERs Seeing Uptick in Serious Mental Health Concerns  
“A lot of kids are at home taking care of their siblings because mom and dad have to go to work.
· Nolan sisters: How did Bernie Nolan die? Sisters Linda and Anne undergo cancer treatment  
Talking to The Sun, Linda spoke of how she told her siblings of her diagnosis.
The China Post
· BOYCOTT GAMES: Former US water polo star looks back on 1980  
Schnugg, one of 13 siblings, is part of one of California’s royal water polo families.
Ars Technica
· The Umbrella Academy comes back stronger than ever with briskly paced S2  
I'm happy to report that S2 is even better: faster paced and well-acted, with some intriguing plot twists and developmental arcs for the Hargreeves siblings as they find themselves scattered in Dallas, Texas, in the early 1960s.
· 'Hit us at our core': Vulnerable Navajo Nation fears a second COVID-19 wave  
The siblings have spent their quarantine devising ways to pass down the oral traditions that are at risk of being lost every time a Navajo elder dies, making YouTube videos where they share traditional sheep-shearing tips and explaining the medicinal properties of plants in the area.