“Side” in the news

Example collocations

east side
either side
north side
other side
west side

Publications and example sentences

· World Health Organization warns of 'second peak' in areas where COVID-19 declining  
But WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said evidence has shown harmful side effects of hydroxychloroquine, including heart problems.
The Guardian
· Dominic Cummings has shown it's one rule for the establishment, another for everyone else  
But a government that stirred the pot of a populist culture war, claiming to be on the side of the little guy against an out-of-touch, contemptuous Islington elite now has to face facts: this elite now has a face, and it is that of Dominic Cummings.
Seeking Alpha
· How JioMart Can Help Facebook's WhatsApp Monetize 400 Million Users  
It's reasonable to assume that WhatsApp Pay will be available on JioMart's online platform as well, side by side with other payment options.
BBC Sport
· Livingston: Twitter poll joke launched over keeper contract  
The 37-year-old back-up goalkeeper's contract expires next month and the Scottish Premiership side took to social media in a tongue-and-cheek post to ask punters if the former Cowdenbeath man will get an extension.
The New York Times
· New York City Doesn’t Have to Suffer This Summer  
As one New York Times Times journalist observed during a June 1925 heat wave, “the only relief” in the city “was in water, wherever it could be found.” In 1933, two policemen tried to quell illegal hydrant use on the Upper East Side but were rebuffed — and drenched — by children determined to play in the water.
The Guardian
· World Cup questions: why did gifted England not beat Argentina in 1998?  
Now we have a weaker side too.
The Guardian
· Dominic Cummings tries to explain when and why of lockdown trip  
On the journey home, he stopped the car so that his son could go to the toilet at the side of the road.