Haberlerde Significantly

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significantly different Önemli ölçüde farklı
significantly higher Önemli derecede yüksek
significantly lower Önemli ölçüde düşük
significantly more Önemli ölçüde daha fazla
significantly reduced Önemli ölçüde azaltılmış

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Seeking Alpha
· A Dividend Growth Strategy For Perennial Income  
Also a withdrawal rate higher than 4% would not have increased the total withdrawal amount by much, while it would have significantly reduced the total growth amount over 20 years.
· Bradley Walsh health: ‘I was a ticking time bomb’ – star's major health risk  
Living a healthy life which includes eating a balanced diet, exercising and avoiding drinking and smoking will significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease.
· Md. Gov. Hogan on school reopening: 'We're not going to be rushed into this'  
WASHINGTON — As Alabama's heated and closely-watched Republican Senate primary runoff nears, former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville and his allies have significantly outspent former Attorney General and Sen. Jeff Sessions on the airwaves.
Financial Express
· Bihar COVID-19 outbreak: Over 1,000 new Coronavirus cases in state for first time; death toll reaches 125  
The department underscored that the recovery rate was 73.31 per cent, which was significantly higher than the national average of 62.93 per cent.
Seeking Alpha
· Are Emerging Markets A Pain Point? Or Is It Your Approach?  
KEMQ offers a significantly higher exposure to growth sectors than broad-based Emerging Market benchmarks such as the Wisdom Tree EM Ex-SOE Index (EM Ex-SOE Index).
Washington Post
· Drop in Virginia jail’s expenses creates way to pay tuition  
“We caught several breaks near the end of the budget cycle with our jail cost down significantly and in an amount sufficient to address the community college crisis,” Stacy said Tuesday.
· Why the Supreme Court Ruling on Birth Control Is Even Worse Than You Think  
“I take hormonal birth control because I carry a BRCA1 mutation, which significantly increases my risk for ovarian cancer,” Suzanne from Long Beach, N.Y., told me.
The Age
· Melbourne Cup broadcast rights under review  
If the event was significantly impacted by the pandemic, Ten and the VRC could look at alternative ways to make up lost value, such as an extension of the broadcast deal beyond 2023.
Sports Illustrated
· WATCH: Why The Knicks Should Re-Sign Carmelo Anthony  
If Rose can get Carmelo to buy into a significantly smaller role than the one he previously held with the franchise, the move would benefit the Knicks, and their young players that they should be hoping to surround with shooting, greatly.
The Age
· Stimulus end could challenge buy now, pay later's rampant rally  
Last week the business announced a $1 billion capital raising and told shareholders it had recorded a 127 per cent jump in sales through the fourth quarter, news which was received favourably by analysts with many significantly raising their price targets for the stock.