“Simply” in the news

Example collocations

known simply
not simply
simply because
simply called
simply known

Publications and example sentences

The China Post
· AP FACT CHECK: Trump spars with Twitter on voting, protests  
“Trump is simply wrong about mail-in balloting raising a ‘tremendous’ potential for fraud,” Richard L. Hasen, an elections expert at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, recently wrote in an op-ed.
Seeking Alpha
· HYT: Tremendous Short-Term Return Suggests It Is Time To Get Cautious  
At the time of my last review, HYT's discount breached 24%, which I simply found too compelling to ignore.
The Guardian
· Does Labour really need to 'repair' its relationship with the City?  
Simply making the state bigger, or more generous, is not enough to shift the underlying balance of power.
Seeking Alpha
· Corporate Debt Out-Of-Control Or Smart Business: Part 2  
Simply stated, it is a lot cheaper for companies to issue debt than it is to issue equity.
The China Post
· Deadly police raid fuels call to end ‘no knock’ warrants  
Simply because the police get a no-knock warrant does not mean they can’t knock and announce,” Wine said last week.
The Guardian
· 'He is a destroyer': how the George Floyd protests left Donald Trump exposed  
“The problem here is that we can focus this simply on Trump or we can also focus on all of those folks that have enabled Trump: the Republican leadership, the corporation that may make statements in support of this work but, on the other hand, do all sorts of things to prop up, support, donate to Donald Trump.
The Age
· Touched by the gods, soiled by executives  
The album was simply titled.
Japan Today
· Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged  
The current president of the United States is a wimpy petulant child who is simply unworthy of the lofty position he has been entrusted with.
The Age
· 'I haven't touch a bat': Steve Smith returns to training after long break  
Smith said if there were less coaches and other staff on the road with the team, players would simply have to adapt.
· Going back to school: How different pre-schools address parents’ worries about COVID-19  
But what if a child simply refuses to keep a mask on?