“Smash” in the news

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smash hit

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Joe Hart: 'All I want is to be a big part of a club ... hope burns through me'  
Instead of smashing my way through a problem, I needed to take stock.
· Watch two neighbors make the most of social distancing with a beer catapult  
Watch Jennifer Lopez smash Jimmy Fallon in a TikTok dance challenge
The China Post
· 1,000 protest Belarusian president seeking another term  
Many of the demonstrators carried slippers as a symbol of protest leader Sergei Tikhanovsky’s call to “smash the cockroach.”
The Guardian
· From wonky tables to broken printers: how to solve the most irritating household problems  
Cats “seem to be the number one culprits” when it comes to smashed pottery, says the ceramics conservator Kirsten Ramsay, who also appears on The Repair Shop.
· Hong Kong police fire tear gas, water cannons at protest against proposed security law  
In a separate statement, they said that “rioters smashed and broke traffic lights,” and had “blocked multiple roads” with trash cans and “other miscellaneous objects.”
The Guardian
· MasterChef 2020 Australia elimination: the kitchen gets fishy as another contestant is eliminated – live  
Reece smashed it.
· Tear gas fired, arrests made as Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against China security proposal  
They also set up barricades with stones, potted plants and umbrellas, and smashed traffic lights on Hennessy Road in Wan Chai.
The Age
· Fortnite, rappers and the billion-dollar pandemic gaming boom  
A smash success since its release in 2017, Fortnite's popularity has again exploded as people flock to video games amid the tedium and isolation of Covid-19 quarantines.
The Age
· From the Archives, 1975: Bomb destroys Footscray travel centre  
The blast tore down power lines and smashed the windows of about 20 houses.
The New York Times
· The Mystery of McGuffin Manor  
This grid smashes its black-and-white, two-dimensional constraints in so many ways, but if you think about puzzles, they’re really all mysteries that we unravel; solvers of crosswords, solvers of capers.