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· Obamas speak out over George Floyd death  
Looting was reported, cars were burned and windows were smashed.
The Guardian
· If violence isn't the way to end racism in America, then what is?  
This story reads like a terrifying soap opera: three women and an entourage of 12 gunmen reportedly entered Khan’s house in Lahore, smashed her stuff, and assaulted her and her sister.
Seeking Alpha
· Retirement Strategy: Introducing The New 'Pandemic Retirement Income Portfolio' For Investors With Longer Time Horizons  
It was a smash hit and enabled me to help 60,000 of my followers.
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: What sparked clashes across US – and what happens next?  
In Atlanta, a state of emergency was declared as cars were set alight and buildings smashed into.
Malay Mail
· Protests flare around the United States over Minneapolis killing  
Windows were smashed at the CNN building, along with store fronts.
The Guardian
· My favourite game: Charlton beat Sunderland in classic play-off final  
Two minutes later, Danny Mills was caught under a loopy cross, Quinn cushioned and smashed home.