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Sports Illustrated
· Quandre Diggs on NFL's Reaction to Racial Issues: 'Everybody Wants to Put the Eggs Back in the Basket'  
The league did not explicitly encourage teams to sign him, nor did they publicly stand in solidarity with his message.
The Guardian
· Ebony Rainford-Brent says cricket is 'switched on to racism message'  
That didn’t look like full solidarity.
Financial Express
· Hagia Sophia: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan formally makes Istanbul landmark a mosque  
Others believe the UNESCO World Heritage site should remain a museum, as a symbol of Christian and Muslim solidarity.
Al Jazeera
· In India, merely saying 'Black Lives Matter' is not enough  
These questions lie at the heart of the global Black Lives Matter movement and for that matter, all solidarity movements led by marginalised groups across the world.
Malay Mail
· Singapore GE: Opposition parties criticise extension of voting hours to 10pm, calling it ‘outrageous and irregular’  
The National Solidarity Party said it was surprised by the announcement of the extension, but added: “There is nothing we can do.”
The Guardian
· New normals featuring ruffled former Football Weekly panellists  
“It is important to have consistent implementation of the laws of the game in general and VAR in particular all over the world,” peeped Collina, before warning refs not to show the “wrong kind of solidarity” with colleagues by failing to correct their mistakes.
The Independent
· I stand in solidarity with The Independent's Andrew Buncombe. Police intimidation in the US has escalated under Trump  
On behalf of the Association of Foreign Correspondents here in the US, I want to express my solidarity with Andrew Buncombe, Chief US correspondent of The Independent, who fell victim to unjust and blind police violence.
The New York Times
· ‘I’m Sorry to Everyone’: In Death, South Korean Mayor Is Tainted by Scandal  
The People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, a civic group he helped found, has become a leading watchdog on corrupt ties between the government and big businesses, launching investigations and lawsuits that have often led to convictions of business tycoons on corruption charges.
The New York Times
· Newark Artists, Thriving Amid Crisis and Catharsis  
The solidarity in our community is strong.”
The Diplomat
· The Shifting Politics of Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia  
Supporting the Rohingyas is a long-standing element of Malaysia’s global Muslim solidarity agenda in its foreign policy.