Some в новостях

Пример словосочетания

involved some significant Участие некоторых значительных
quite some time Совсем немного времени
spending some time Проводить некоторое время
spent some time Провел некоторое время
took some time Заняло некоторое время

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· Kate Middleton heartbreak: Fears for Prince Louis’ safety in struggles to social distance  
She then went on to speak about some of the families involved in the initiative, including Ryan, who took part alongside his eight month old daughter named Mia.
· California restricts COVID-19 testing as cases surge  
Targeted testing could alleviate some of the supply chain shortages that have caused testing bottlenecks and forced many patients to wait up to a week for results.
Seeking Alpha
· Twitter hack update: Blue checkmarks temporarily banned  
We will update everyone shortly ... We’re continuing to limit the ability to Tweet, reset your password, and some other account functionalities while we look into this.
Malay Mail
· On Antarctica, humanity’s small footprint has big impact  
“The areas that have the least human impact don’t include some of its most important biodiversity,” explained Chown, who is also president of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.
Malay Mail
· Siberia heat ‘almost impossible’ without climate change  
Some 1.15 million hectares of forest going up in flames released millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.
· Government Watchdog Says Aid For Migrants Misspent By Border Agency  
A year after Congress approved emergency humanitarian funds meant to benefit asylum seekers apprehended along the border with Mexico, a government watchdog report released Wednesday finds that some of that money got spent instead on things from dirt bikes to dog food to security camera systems.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Fishermen test positive despite spending 35 days at sea and testing negative before they left  
After weeks at sea, some crew members started to display symptoms typical to Covid-19, and the ship returned to port.
· Rick and Morty spoilers: Fans 'work out' when series will end after huge Easter egg  
Apart from the first, each season has comprised ten episodes so far, although some fans have speculated subsequent slates could run slightly longer.
Malay Mail
· Katy Perry to headline Tomorrowland Across the World (VIDEO)  
Among them are American singer-songwriter Katy Perry, who is set to perform some of her greatest hits along with songs from her upcoming album, Smile.
The New York Times
· Why Does the N.Y.P.D. Want to Punish Journalists?  
Here are some tips.