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full sovereignty
national sovereignty
popular sovereignty
state sovereignty
transfer of sovereignty

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· Angela Merkel urged to resign as Germans march to show 'lack of trust' over coronavirus  
JUST IN: Gibraltar bombshell: Spain went 'over the line' with secret plot to remove UK sovereignty
· Brexit POLL: Should Boris Johnson walk away now or enter into autumn talks with EU? VOTE  
The UK Government still insists Britain is prepared for a no deal Brexit however and maintains that it is not prepared to sacrifice its sovereignty in pursuit of a deal with the bloc.
The New York Times
· A Historic Supreme Court Ruling Upends Courts in Oklahoma  
The Supreme Court ruling recognizing the lands of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation was hailed as a historic win for tribes and their long struggle for sovereignty.
Washington Post
· Israel says it thwarted an attack on its northern border with Syria  
“The IDF holds the Syrian regime responsible for all events on Syrian soil and will not tolerate any violation of Israeli sovereignty,” said the Israeli army in a statement.
The Diplomat
· US Anti-China Sentiment Reaches New Peak  
Rebeccah Heinrichs claims that “the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seeks to supplant the United States as the global preeminent power… This poses an unacceptable risk to U.S. critical allies in the region and threatens American sovereignty and our ability to engage freely and safely with sovereign democratic nations in a massively important region of the world.” Actually, China is one of those authoritarian powers that, at least so far, has shown no such ambitions.
The Japan Times
· Okinawa virus outbreaks ignite scrutiny of U.S. SOFA privileges  
But the terms upon which the framework is based are often seen as disadvantageous toward Japan, raising doubts over sovereignty.
The Age
· End of an empire: Hutt River to rejoin Australia after 50 years  
Fifty years since declaring its sovereignty from the rest of the country, one of Australia's most infamous micronations is to be dissolved.
· South China Sea is OURS: Beijing issues stark warning to Donald Trump as tensions flare  
Historically China has maintained a sovereignty claim over between 80 and 90 percent of the waters - but Ren appeared to go even further.
· Gibraltar bombshell: Spain went 'over the line' with secret plot to remove UK sovereignty  
A letter reportedly shows the then Spanish ambassador drove a plan, a few months after the Brexit referendum, to end Britain’s sole sovereignty over Gibraltar to instead share the territory with Spain.
Malay Mail
· Plague to protein: Israeli firm seeks to put locusts on the menu  
Some goods produced in the Golan Heights face export restrictions, including strict labelling requirements, because most of the international community does not recognise Israeli sovereignty in the area.