Haberlerde Sovereignty

Örnek kollokasyonlar

full sovereignty Tam egemenlik
national sovereignty Ulusal egemenlik
popular sovereignty Halk egemenliği
state sovereignty Devlet egemenliği
transfer of sovereignty Egemenlik devri

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· China’s move to rein in Hong Kong is just the start  
For Beijing's leaders, China's sovereignty over Hong Kong is as emotionally charged.
The Age
· A star-spangled spanner in the works: how US secrecy controls Australian weapons  
The loss of Australian sovereignty within the American alliance is rarely raised amid the current alarm about whether the US is a reliable ally.
The Age
· Why are we hanging Victoria's recovery on a deal with China?  
We know that other states are working on opportunities for on-shoring and sovereignty manufacturing.
The New York Times
· Why China’s Move to Rein In Hong Kong is Just the Start  
For Beijing’s leaders, China’s sovereignty over Hong Kong is as emotionally charged.
The Age
· US backs down from Pompeo's Belt and Road remarks  
Mr O'Brien said the opposition would scrutinise the deal from an economics, security, employment and sovereignty point of view.
The Independent
· China's new security law will be the death of liberty in Hong Kong – that's why thousands have hit the streets  
Even though two millions of Hongkongers took to streets to call for a withdrawal of the extradition bill, such public controversy over highly controversial policies had already been regarded by Beijing as attempts to its sovereignty and security.
· As the coronavirus pandemic strains supplies, Native Americans fight food insecurity  
The idea of Native food sovereignty — that tribes can farm, access and secure healthy and culturally essential foods that empower their citizens, respect the lands and are not bound to outside policies — was already a growing movement among Indigenous peoples, said Elizabeth Hoover, an author and assistant professor of American studies at Brown University who writes about food and environmental health and justice in Native communities.
The New York Times
· Memorial Day, Testing, Hong Kong: Your Weekend Briefing  
While Beijing considers its intervention a necessary move for maintaining the country’s sovereignty, the U.S. has condemned the move and considers it a full-frontal attack.
Malay Mail
· China ‘open’ to international effort to identify Covid-19 virus source, says foreign minister  
“Fairness means the process be free of political interference, respect the sovereignty of all countries, and oppose any presumption of guilt.”
The Japan Times
· Russia proposes shelving jurisdiction issue in isle talks with Japan  
There was a similar arrangement under a bilateral fishing agreement in 1998, with Russia allowing Japanese fishing boats to operate in designated areas near the disputed islands and shelving the question of sovereignty over the waters in those areas.