“Space” in the news

Example collocations

office space
open space
space between
space station
vector space

Publications and example sentences

Sports Illustrated
· Update: What's Next for Former FSU RB Devonta Freeman?  
There's a good chance the Dolphins make a lot of these types of lists this off-season with a promising head coach, a lot of cap space and various needs across the board.
The China Post
· Venezuela jails 3 DirecTV executives as US firm ends service  
Days after AT&T cut the service Venezuela’s high court ordered the nation’s telecommunications agency to seize satellite dishes and office space at transmission centers.
The New York Times
· Death and Texas  
When the pandemic struck, Arlington Life Shelter was operating out of a temporary space in a small church, which could house 30 people.
· Demonstrating 15 contact tracing and other tools built to mitigate the impact of COVID-19  
The applications featured in this article were to be demoed at the Contact Tracing and Technology Conference originally scheduled for this week — in light of the significant conversations around racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans we rescheduled it to ensure we are not taking up unnecessary space.
The New York Times
· Falling Jobless Rate Could Imperil Aid Underpinning the Recovery  
This means that more public spaces are available for use and more and more businesses are being allowed to open again.
· After years of silence, the ugly truth behind beauty contests in Philippines  
But as more women — and men — vie for attention in an increasingly crowded space, these pageants have also become fertile hunting grounds for sexual predators.
Sports Illustrated
· Bringing Fans Back to MLB Will Require Yogi Berra-Level Marketing Savvy  
Are the parking spaces going to need to be wider?
· Commentary: Now is not the time. But I can’t wait to go on my next overseas trip  
Currently, we may not be able to easily visit another country, but that has not deterred NASA astronauts from hurtling into outer space on a SpaceX rocket.
· Greener and cleaner: Reimagining our cities in the wake of COVID-19  
They are aspiring to create greener spaces in their urban areas, improve connectivity, reduce congestion, focus on sustainability, be more adaptive and smarter with technology and materials.