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office space Ofis alanı
open space Boş alan
space between Arasındaki boşluk
space station Uzay istasyonu
vector space Vektör uzayı

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The Independent
· ‘The need to fortify your house shows weakness’: Heavily secured White House at odds with its long history as ‘the people’s house’  
Mr Berg said the connection between this ceremonial and performative space and the nation’s people risks being lost.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Government face mask advice ‘too little too late’  
Khan also said the government was “wrong” not to make face coverings compulsory in the wider public and called for their use in crowded spaces such as shops.
· WP chief Pritam Singh urges more transparency on Singapore’s fiscal health, ground involvement in policy-making  
He recommended the Government creates more spaces for the youth, independent non-governmental organisations and the people sector's voices to be heard.
The Guardian
· Neighbourliness to the fore: 'It's been the highlight of our lockdown'  
The alley is now a beautiful space shared by a group of new friends who are already making plans for a Christmas grotto.
The Age
· From degustation to delivering lasagnes: how Ben Shewry's crash-tackled a crisis  
(From June 1, Victorian venues have been able to seat up to 20 customers per dining space, allowing for one person every four square metres, and 1.5 metres between all seats.)
Seeking Alpha
· Wall Street Breakfast: May Jobs Report  
CNBC in a segment highlighted the animosity that may potentially exist between Elon and Jeff Bezos, not to mention their competing interests in space, with the latter's Blue Origin also building spacecraft.
Seeking Alpha
· A New Saba Target: First Trust Senior Floating Rate Income Fund II  
The largest position I own in the floating rate space comes from not one held in the Core Portfolio but one that's a target of activism.
Seeking Alpha
· How Boeing Will Suffer From Airline Bankruptcies  
Add the revenues that Boeing will generate from its defense business ($26 billion in 2019) and opportunities in the space, and annual revenues of $150 billion and more are not unrealistic at all.
Seeking Alpha
· Rapid7: Comprehensive And Top-Of-Mind Offering  
While it has been well-known for its insightVM VRM offering, which has received various leadership awards from leading IT solution research firms such as Gartner and Forrester, Rapid7 has also expanded into SIEM & IDR, AppSec, and Automation spaces in recent times.
The Independent
· Sam Mendes attacks streaming services for ‘making millions’ during lockdown while theatre industry left ‘mortally wounded’  
Performing arts spaces, meanwhile, have been closing their doors and are less able than other entertainment venues, such as cinemas, to stay afloat with social distancing measures in place.