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spark plug Bugi
spark plugs Bugi

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The Japan Times
· Protest in Pennsylvania after cop uses knee to restrain man  
Floyd’s death in police custody sparked global protests over police brutality and racial injustice.
Washington Post
· Small businesses around the world struggle to survive  
Before the pandemic, Lebanon faced an economic crisis rooted in years of government mismanagement and corruption that had sparked nationwide protests.
Malay Mail
· Women’s rights group urges sanction against Baling MP for racist, sexist remarks in Parliament  
Yesterday, on the first day of a full Parliament sitting this year, Abdul Azeez’s remarks sparked an uproar among the Opposition MPs.
· Palestinians 'arrested for backing annexation' on Israeli TV  
Palestinian leaders have warned annexation would shatter any hopes for enduring peace and a two-state solution and risk sparking a new uprising.
The Japan Times
· Japan’s defense white paper takes aim at China’s actions during pandemic  
The report stated that China has been “taking advantage” of its virus-related assistance to other nations in an attempt to advance its political and economic interests, and that Beijing has been engaging in propaganda work such as “spreading disinformation” amid social unrest and confusion sparked by the pandemic.
Washington Post
· LAFC rallies with pair in 2nd half for 3-3 draw with Houston  
While Rossi was a distributor in the first half, it was his strike in the 63rd minute that sparked LAFC.
The Guardian
· 'Better for Her Majesty not to know': palace letters reveal Queen's role in sacking of Australian PM Whitlam  
The release of the palace letters is likely to spark renewed debate about the role of the monarchy in an independent Australia.
Yonhap News
· Auto exports down 33 pct in H1 amid virus pandemic  
The global economic crisis sparked by the pandemic also induced consumers to have second thoughts about purchasing brand new cars.