Species trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

other species Loài khác
species occurs Loài xảy ra
species of beetle Loài bọ cánh cứng
species of moth Loài bướm đêm
species of sea Loài biển

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Ars Technica
· This 1.4 million-year-old hand axe was chipped off a hippo femur  
Members of the species walked upright and were built a lot like modern humans, and they eventually spread from Africa, across Europe and Asia, and all the way to modern Indonesia.
The Guardian
· War of the Worlds: the pioneering work of science fiction inspired by Australian brutality  
Wells’ opening chapter spells out the parallels: don’t judge the Martians too harshly he says – they’re no more ruthless than our own species.
Seeking Alpha
· Tesla Says 'Catch Me If You Can' - But They Can't  
An EV is a different species of vehicle than an ICE, and the Old Guard keeps proving this as TSLA enlarges and enhances its product line.
Al Jazeera
· COVID-19 cases soar in US, grow in India, South Africa and Brazil  
The virus causing the deadly illness COVID-19 is believed to have originated in bats and then jumped to humans via an intermediary species, possibly the anteater-like pangolin that is prized in China for its scales used in Chinese medicine as well as its meat.
The Independent
· Biodiversity crisis: ‘B-Line’ wildflower network opens major routes across UK for pollinating insects  
The report said that over the last 48 years, 41 per cent of the UK’s wildlife species had suffered strong or moderate decreases in numbers.
The Independent
· The message is go back to work. The guidance is stay at home. So that's clear then  
On the off chance humanity survives long enough to get there, most futurologists foresee a digital, Matrix-like end state for the species, perhaps within a hundred years.
Scientific American
· For Sustainable Oyster Harvesting, Look to Native Americans' Historical Practices  
But overharvesting, pollution and disease have taken a devastating toll on a keystone species.
· 'Not banned it at all!' China's latest medicine list STILL includes wildlife ingredients  
Pangolins have been under threat for decades from poachers, as their scales are used in Chinese Traditional Medicines (TCM), leading to some species in Asia becoming “critically endangered,” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).