“Spray” in the news

Example collocations

pepper spray
spray paint

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Your Monday Briefing  
The police responded with tear gas, pepper spray and a water cannon.
The Guardian
· 'Many will starve': locusts devour crops and livelihoods in Pakistan  
Rahoo said the federal government had ignored various requests to spray pesticide from the air, something he said the Sindh state government did not have the resources to do.
The New York Times
· Your Monday Briefing  
The police responded with tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons.
The Independent
· Sorry is the hardest word for Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson – and it means the public will lose further trust in politicians  
I am myself in possession of two loving fathers, my own who said, after I suggested that I would pop around and leave supplies outside the door: “Leave me a bag of flour by the garage door and I’ll come out and grab it then spray it with meths before I take it in the house.”
· Hong Kong demonstrators defy lockdowns to protest a sweeping new national security law  
Police used water cannons, tear gas, and pepper spray to disperse protesters, and there were reports of protesters throwing objects like plastic bottles and umbrellas at the police.
Seeking Alpha
· Hurry Up And Wait For Berkshire Hathaway  
All of this being said, Berkshire will continue to hoard cash, but they will continue to spray money out over several capital intensive businesses (e.g., BNSF, MidAmerican), and they will look for more.
The Guardian
· Hong Kong police fire teargas as thousands rally against China's new security law – video  
Hong Kong police used teargas, pepper spray and water cannon on crowds as thousands rallied against Beijing’s declaration that it intends to impose national security laws on the semi-autonomous region – a highly criticised move because of the 'one country, two systems' rule.
The Guardian
· Hacking attacks on home workers see huge rise during lockdown  
“It can be very easy and very quick to capitalise on vulnerabilities like this,” he said, adding that attackers such as the APT41 operation, believed to have been carried out by Chinese state-backed actors, “sprayed and prayed”, attacking large numbers of targets.
Seeking Alpha
· Will mass protests return to Hong Kong?  
Police fired tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons to disperse thousands of Hong Kong protestors on Sunday, who gathered to demonstrate against Beijing's plan to directly impose national security laws on the city.
The New York Times
· After 17 Years Underground, Cicadas Stage a 2020 Southern Invasion  
She has sprayed the orchard grounds with poison to keep down the number of emerging nymphs, as young cicadas are called, but has been careful to leave the trees alone.