Spray в новостях

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pepper spray Перцовый баллончик
spray paint Аэрозольная краска

Публикации и примеры предложений

The New York Times
· ‘It’s the Death Towers’: How the Bronx Became New York’s Virus Hot Spot  
Up on the 43rd floor, Ms. Lopez, who has asthma, regularly sprays the strip of floor between the front door of her apartment and the elevator with disinfectant.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Threat to crops: Locusts present in these five states and spreading  
Fruit trees could also be affected, but leaves would re-grow in 10 days if watering is done and chemicals sprayed, the official said.  Copy example sentence
· Packing 20,000 people into an arena for the RNC is a bad idea. Trump wants it to happen anyway.  
Studies have shown that the virus spreads especially easily indoors, so packing 20,000 cheering people into an arena where they will likely be spraying respiratory droplets (believed to be one of the chief vehicles for Covid-19 spread) into the air could easily become a vector for the disease.  Copy example sentence
Al Jazeera
· Crops destroyed as India faces 'worst locust attack in 27 years'  
Drones, tractors and cars have been sent out to track the voracious pests and spray them with pesticides.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Your Short Film of the Day  
She helps herself to a classmate’s tacos, sprays another with ketchup — this is six years before “Mean Girls,” mind you.  Copy example sentence
· Letter from Westport: A Connecticut Town Comes Together Again, But Only at a Distance  
The saleswoman sprayed and wiped the counter before she checked out my purchases, and explained that she washes her hands on a mandated schedule, and that all store surfaces are regularly cleaned as well.  Copy example sentence
The Atlantic
· The U.S. Is Spending Millions of Dollars Rearing Flesh-Eating Worms  
Workers learned to spray the boxes with cologne.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Where can you buy hand sanitiser online?  
Sustainable beauty brand Beauty Kitchen has created its own vegan hand sanitiser spray, from 50ml (Beauty Kitchen, from £10) refillable form, so you can fight the germs and reduce your single-use plastic consumption simultaneously.  Copy example sentence