Stab в новостях

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stab wounds Колотые раны

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The Atlantic
· Paging Dr. Hamblin: Does Vitamin D Help Fight COVID-19?  
I’m more afraid of getting stabbed than getting sick.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· The Fed Ahead  
I will take a stab at future events today.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· 'You may think you're heroes': Judge slams men over Mokbel shivving  
Teira Bennett and Eldea Teuira, both 22, bashed and stabbed Mokbel with makeshift shivs about eight times at Barwon Prison on February 11, 2019, following Bennett's 21st birthday party.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 'Quarantine our sad, sick game': how Heysel tragedy changed English football  
In 1986 about 150 fans of West Ham and Manchester United brawled on a cross-Channel ferry; in 1987 a game between West Germany and England in Düsseldorf led to one stabbing and 48 arrests.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Spanish police arrest man in his 80s over murder of fellow bingo player  
Concerned neighbours entered her home in the town of Fuenlabrada, near Madrid, and called the police after finding her body, which bore stab wounds.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Killing of Kurd in Turkey sparks discrimination accusations  
Three arrested over fatal stabbing of Barış Çakan in Ankara in row over music  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· John Sentamu: I would join George Floyd protests  
He also chaired a review of the police investigation into the death of Damilola Taylor, a 10-year-old black schoolboy who was stabbed to death in south London in 2000.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· The 100 greatest UK No 1s: 100-4  
There’s something portentous about those insistent, fateful synth stabs, and Marc Almond adds to the sense of doom with his innate flair for drama.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 10 of the best novels set in Portugal – that will take you there  
This collection of masterful short stories represents a notable and important stab at setting the record straight.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Man stabbed his own brother over imagined plot with the family dog  
A man stabbed his older brother in the chest and threatened to kill the family dog after being turned away from a Victorian psychiatric facility.  Copy example sentence