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Пример словосочетания

did not stand Не выдержал
not stand Не стоять
stand against Быть против
stand up Встаньте
still stand Еще стоят

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The Wall Street Journal
· Turkish Lira’s Borrowing Cost Shoots Up on Offshore Markets  
At home, analysts said that the central bank could continue to tap into the pool of dollars credited on the books of Turkish lenders, which stands at about $230 billion, as long as the banks don’t express an immediate need for them.
Financial Express
· COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne City may result in 250,000 job losses: Victorian premier  
He estimated that across all industries, about 500,000 people were already working from home and about 250,000 had been stood down since the pandemic began.
Financial Express
· Delhi: LNJP records 'zero death' from COVID on two days in a week, says Medical director  
The active cases tally stood at 10,207, down from 10,356, on Sunday.
· Coronavirus cases near me MAPPED: The 15 areas where COVID is rising  
Testing capacity in the UK currently stands at 338,585 tests per day, and about 163,000 tests are being processed each day.
Liverpool Echo
· What Iker Casillas said after moving Liverpool moment as Real Madrid legend retires  
Casillas was referring to the standing ovation which he received from Liverpool supporters on the night.
Washington Post
· Three things to consider before kids resume playing sports, according to a physician  
Still, kids don’t need competitions, tournaments or stands packed with fans to reap the benefits of sports and exercise.
Washington Post
· More than a century before the 19th Amendment, women were voting in New Jersey  
On the contrary, she told him, “On the sacred soil of New Jersey, where we now stand, women voted thirty-one years, from 1776 to 1807.”
Washington Post
· This summer camp was open during the 1918 flu outbreak. And it’s open this year.  
A Hong Kong hangout for journalists stands up for press freedom amid protests and pandemic
· Yotpo raises $75M for its e-commerce marketing cloud  
He believes Yotpo’s e-commerce-specific approach to that stands apart from the pack because it addresses issues unique to D2C and other e-commerce companies.
· Argentina announces debt restructure deal with creditors  
More than a third of the 44 million population live in poverty and annual inflation stands at over 50 percent.